111 for dummies

Revelation 1:11 - I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. What thou seest write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches…

According to the common Astronomical correlation of the Mayan Long Count (Julian offset 584285), which has a 2 day offset from the GMT correlation commonly used, Barrack Obama was born on Day #111 of 260. Two hundred sixty days is the number of days in the Mayan sacred almanac, known as the Tzolkin.

In fact, the United States of America also shares this Day #111, as Obama was born 260 x 260 (67600) days after the Declaration of Independence 7/4/1776.

Query 111 Aleph.

The hebrew alphabet is composed of 22 letters. Aleph is the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, and corresponds the the 11th path on the "Tree of Life", a.k.a. the Qabalah. This path also corresponds to "The Fool" card in the Tarot, the trump card which is associated to the number 0. This path conjoins the sephiroths or emanations, Kether and Chokmah.

The number 111 correlates to this letter because in the Hebrew system of Gematria, that is the value of the word Aleph, comprised of the letters Aleph, Lamed, Peh.

September 11 (911) occurs 111 days before the end of the year.

According to Aleister Crowley in his book "777" (111 x 7), 111 represents "sudden destruction" and "unity through total darkness" , and "the destruction of reason through illumination."

There is a well known magic square called the "666 square" which is easily located online and elsewhere. This 6 x 6 "magick" square is attributed to the Sun, and every row and column adds to 111.

666, "The Number of the Beast", is obviously 111 x 6.

According to Forbes Magazine, there were 1,011 billionares in 2010.

There are exactly 111 Lunations in one Hibbardina Eclipse Cycle. Named for Canadian Astronomer, William Hibbard and his work on this approximately 9 year eclipse cycle. This eclipse cycle of 111 lunations is the 11th cycle in the catalog of eclipse cycles, a period of 3277.9 days. This period can also be represented by the following equation: 399 x 11 -1111 = 3278. The number 399 is the whole number value of the synodic period of Jupiter (Zeus).

Another eclipse cycle, an unnamed 47 year cycle, which is the 22nd cycle in the catalogue of 82 common eclipse cycles, is a period of 17157.27 days, which can be represented by (Jupiter) 399 x 43. In 2010, 47 years beyond 1963, Jupiter made its closest approach to the earth in that time period.

Interestingly, one is greeted by a statue of Zeus upon entering the U.N. headquarters in New York.

Attention must be given to certain numbers to derive the symbolism surrounding you at every turn. In particular, 11 and its multiples, and the whole numbers which represent planetary synodic and sidereal periods, including their multiples , and the whole number cycles whereby the planets converge.

This is essentially the point of the Mayan model of time, as their 260 day sacred almanac is designed for this purpose. There is obviously much more to this than simply the count of 260, as the Long Count consists of multiple cycles within cycles including the Baktun of 144000 days, the Katun of 7200 days, the Tun of 360 days, and the Uinal of 20 days. Additionally, the Mayan Long Count is but a part of this sacred cosmology.

Knowledge of the Tzolkin will greatly aid in the understanding of this information. Consider it not only the ephemeris of the Maya, but their oracle as well. Each day is imbued with certain qualities and characteristics derived from the interaction of twenty tribes or totems with 13 numbers. 13 x 20 = 260 days. There is a great deal of free information available online , and much in the way of literature on the subject.

Planetary cycles, including eclipse cycles, are easily tracked via the Tzolkin. A great example of this is the Metonic cycle of the Moon. This is the period of time it takes the Moon to return to the same position in the sky, on the same calendar day, and in the same phase. Approximately 19 years or 6939.9 days. Taking the closest whole number to this 15th known eclipse cycle, of 235 Lunations; the number 6940, we can derive the following: 7200-260 = 6940. This shows that 1 Tzolkin short of a Katun is equivalent to this eclipse cycle.

The Tzolkin can be used in such a way to easily track the day names of such alignments, an example being, the simple reduction of the co-efficient of the day name by one to equal a Metonic Cycle. Example: Today, #249 (2 Muluc) becomes 6940 days from now, #209, (1 Muluc). In the Tzolkin, counting backwards by 40, will put us on the same day name as counting forward by 6940. As the numbers are staggered through the Tzolkin with the 20 tribes, the order of the coefficients becomes 1,8,2,9,310 etc. As twenty days elapse between each appearence of a tribe or totem, it would take 40 days to go from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1.

Thus, by cycling higher numbers through the matrix of 260, everything can be understood at the oracular level, while retaining its precise astronomical value. The Mayan count of the Moon, recorded at Palenque, is a period of 81 Lunations, or 2392 days. That the Maya understood this number and recorded it, shows that their moon value was less than 1/1000th of 1 percent off the modern value. The number 2392 is also 13 Eb, a "13 day", as starting from zero, we will arrive on day #52 (13 Eb), 2392 days later.

The number 52 is also 1/5 of 260, so we could also say that this day name has a certain resonance to the Moon as well as the Tzolkin. But to further demonstrate how other planetary cycles can be connected, we can use the following example to illustrate how the 365 day calendar and the 260 day calendar overlap: 365 x 52 = 260 x 73. This cycle of 18980 days is known as the Calendar Round, and was certainly one of, if not the most revered by the Maya. Taking all of this into account, if we were to draw a circle to represent the Tzolkin: then the 2392 cycle, Calendar Round, and 52 day cycle, would all draw a pentagram within that circle as they progressed through their respective cycles.

Some common whole number synodic periods include Venus (584), Jupiter (399), Saturn (378), Mercury (116), Mars, 780 (260 x 3), Uranus (370).

Every third multiple of Uranus (370) is equivalent to 10 X 111.

777 (111 x 7) is the sum of Jupiter and Saturn (399 + 378 = 777). Venus is the product of the Earth multiplied by Phi or the Golden Mean (365 x 1.6 =584). Phi is also derived from the interaction of the Mayan Tun (360 days) with the Tzolkin (260 days).

Every 8 Earth years, Venus traces a pentagram star around the Earth. This point has been well established elsewhere. 365 x 8 = 584 x 5 = 2920 days.

At the the end of this current sacred round on day 260, which occurs on Lincoln's 202nd birthday, 2/12/2011, Obama will be 1111 days older than Kennedy lived to be. Couple this with the fact that it was 1111 days prior to this day that George W. Bush gave his final State of the Union address.

On 2/12/2011 Obama will be 18089 days old, which could also be expressed as: 260 x 70 - 111. Kennedy lived 16978 days. 18089-16978 = 1111

Additionally, on 2/12/2011, Obama will have been in office 753 days, wheras Lincoln served 1502 days in office. The sum of these numbers is equivalent to (Jupiter/Zeus) 399 x 5 + 260, or 2255 days. In this time period, Jupiter would span 5 cycles , plus a number of days that currently is the same day number of the Tzolkin. This particular "time code" of Jupiter only holds true for the current Tzolkin round of 260 days, as once we are beyond 2/12/2011, the value of the number beyond 5 cycles of Jupiter, which currently returns the actual Tzolkin day, will return a value higher than 260. For example, on 2/13/2011, the number of days in office for both of these Presidents will be 2256, or 399 x 5 + 261.

The symbolism of the Pentagram is well represented in the Stars and Stripes, the pentagon, etc. As of 1/11/2011 there have been 4 assassinations of a U.S. President.

At the current end of this round, day #260, 2/12/2011, America will be 85869 days from 7/4/1776, which is equivalent to 234 actual solar years plus 222 days, (365.2422 x 234 + 222 days). The distance number of America's age also reveals the Tzolkin day if one were to add 38 to the remainder. 222 + 38 = 260. This 38 code has applied to America's age over this last round and will cease after the end of this round, as adding 38 on 2/13/2011 will return the value of 261.

The number 234 is one of the "Cosmic" day signs of the Tzolkin of which there are 13 such days. This the "13" day paired with the tribe Ix or Jagaur. 13 Ix. Or 13 Jaguar. Or Cosmic Wizard using the language of the Dreamspell Calendar.

The number 260 can also be expressed with the following equation: 1111 x .234.

The number 38 is also of particular importance, as it represents Lucifer.

Lucifer decoded numerologically in the Chaldean system is 3+3+3+9+6+5+9 = 38.

Washington D.C. is located on the 38th parallel, and this latitude also represents the line of demarcation between North and South Korea.

The .38 Special, arguably the world's most popular handgun cartridge, was first manufactured 111 years ago in 1899. The world's most popular assualt rifle is the AK-47 (111-47) or 11111 as 47 also reduces to 11.

Obama announced in 2010 the fiscal budget for the U.S. in 2011, which is 3.8 trillion dollars.

The reciprocal of Phi, a.k.a. the golden mean is .618.

.618 x .618 = .381924

Again, on 2/12/2011, The United States will be 234 solar years and 222 days old. The date 2/12/2011 can be reduced numerologically (reduction by addition) to 234. 2(2) /12(3) / 2011(4). Another day we could decode in this manner is the date of Benazir Bhutto's assassination, 12/27/2009. 12( 3) / 27 (9)/ 2007 (9)….399…Jupiter/Zeus.

In Mrs. Bhutto's case, she lived 399 * 50 -38 or 19912 days. The number 19912 likewise reduces to the number 22, utilizing the standard numerological method of reduction by addition: 1+9+9+1+2 =22. One must realize the significance of how numbers, dates, etc. are revealing a back-story to the so-called reality.

In regards to Benazir Bhutto, perhaps it was a coincidence that she died while her Natal Sun was rising exactly on the Ascendant in her death chart, while Jupiter/Zeus opposed on the Descendant. Perhaps it was also coincidence that she was assassinated on the 33rd parallel, just as Kennedy was, just as Roswell occurred on the 33rd, just as Baghdad is located there, and Hiroshima/Nagasaki etc.

Let us recall that the first crusade and the siege of Jersusalem in the year 1099 occurred 911 years ago, as it happened in the month of July. Interestingly, the Mayan day number on 9/11/2001 was 199. Using the same Astronomical correlation (584285 offset) of the Long Count, we can see the first bombing of the WTC occurred on #200. 200 + 199 = 399 (Jupiter/Zeus).

There were 2337 days between OKC bombing and 911. This period is 4 Venus cycles plus one day (584 x 4 + 1). The Maya were noted by Floyd Lounsbury to have scheduled their warfare in accord with the conjunction cycles of Venus.

Just as Waco and Oklahoma City share the date 4/19, they also share the Mayan day #202 of 260, as this was the day number on the date of the beginning of the siege, 2/28/1993, and it was also the Mayan day number on 4/19/1995, the day of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Along with Waco's disastrous culmination and the Oklahoma City bombing both occurring on 4/19, the first shot of the American Revolution also occured on 4/19, as did the he Nazi burning of the Warsaw ghetto.

Numerology, Astrology, Mayan time codes, and yes, even the Gregorian calendar, are used to contain and/or supress consciousness. Ironically, these systems are also utilized to reveal and illuminate consciousness, simultaneously. Numbers are not just meaningless quantifiers. They are actually the significators behind virtually any situation.

Ask yourself how Obama could be in Mumbai at the very site of the Mumbai attacks on 11/7/2010, exactly 711 days from the Mumbai attacks, exactly 7110 days from Ragiv Gandhi's assassination, exactly 70101 days from the founding of the state of Illinois, when the last solar eclipse had occurred on 7/11 of that same year, 2010. This day, 11/7/2010 was also 777 days from the end of the Long Count. And on the first day of this current year 1/01/2011, Obama had been in office 711 days. Unconvinced? All of the information herein can be corroborated.

Ask yourself how likely it would be that Obama was 18018 days old, 18 days before the Solstice/Eclipse day of 12/21/2010 (333), with 18018 being yet another Mayan time cycle of 819 *22. The Maya used the 819 day cycle to track outer planetary conjunctions.

On 2/12/2011 the count will be 92 (11) days from the beginning of the next 819 cycle. This would be expressed in Mayan notation as 2.0.7 or 727 days. (2 x 360 + 0 x 20 + 7). The number 207 is the current Year Bearer for this Mayan Haab (365) year. Day #207 was also the Tzolkin day on the Winter Solstice/Total Lunar Eclipse day, 12/21/2010, as this event occurred 260 days after the beginning of the current Mayan Haab (365 day) year.

On 2/12/2011, Obama will be 819 X 22 + 71 days old.

Admittedly, many may not be familiar with these time cycles or the mechanics of these calendars, or even the basics of astrology or numerology. I challenge you to learn, as it requires 9 parts attention to one part intelligence. Science can never replace intuition, and these practices are designed to enhance intuition. Perhaps that is why they are discarded by the majority in this age of reason, where a consensus reality demands proof of what it cannot comprehend.

Perhaps it is yet another symbolic coincidence that on Barrack Obama's third birthday, which occurred on 8/4/1964, three civil rights workers were killed in Mississippi, in a historic event later to become the subject of the film "Mississippi Burning."

260 days (1111 x .234) prior to 2/12/2011, Gary Coleman died and a great number of people had "watchu talkin' bout Willis?" on their lips . And it is such that the Sears tower was renamed the Willis Tower, one Jupiter cycle (399) + one Eclipse season of 177 days, before 2/12/2011. It is also true that the building has the zipcode 60606. As surprising as it may be, these are simply the facts.

Some other events in time which are represented by this symbology include:

The Barksdale/Minot "missing nuke" incident, occurred on day #38 of 260. This day was 8/30/2007. This Gregorian date is another 911, as 8+3= 11 and 2+7=9. It was also 1262 days before 2/12/2011, which can be expressed as 38 days shy of 5 Tzolkins (260 x 5 - 38) or 4 Tzolkins and 222 days, (260 x 4 +222).

Do you remember where Bush made his first appearence and Public Statement directly after the 911 attacks? Well in case you may have forgotten, it was indeed Barksdale.

The U.S. constitution was read for the 1st time in on the House floor upon the commencement of the 112th Congress exactly 38 days before 2/12/2011 on day #222.

38 days before the historic act of defiance by the people in Egypt on 1/28/2011, was the Winter Solstice/Eclipse day of 12/21/2010 (333). Likewise, January 28th, 2011 was also 584 (Venus) +111 days from the end date of the Long Count. The very next day, 1/29/2011 was 111 days after 10/10/10.

The first well known terror attack in the U.S., known as the Wall Street Bombing, claimed 38 lives, and the next terror attack in the U.S to surpass its ferocity, the Bath School Disaster, claimed the lives of 38 children.

The Polish Air Crash, which claimed the life of the President and others, occured 308 days prior to 2/12/2011.

As noted above: 222 + 38 = 260. Queen Elizabeth II was born 4/21/1926 on Tzolkin day #222 of 260 and this same day # 222, was the day name # of Deepwater Horizon, which occurred on 4/20/2010. As mentioned above, the 112th U.S. Congress commenced exactly 260 days or 1 Tzolkin after Deepwater Horizon with a historic reading of the Constitution, on 1/05/2011, #222.

Just as day #111 (7 Chuen) is paired with day #149 (6 Muluc) to create the sum of 260, day #222 (1 Ik) is paired with day #38 (12 Etznab) to the create the sum of 260. Here is an example of 111 and 149: 7 + 6 = 13, and Chuen (11th tribe) + Muluc (9th tribe) = 20. The numbers 111 + 38 =149, which is the pair of 111.
From these examples, we can see an obvious harmony between the number 38, the Tzolkin, and the mulitiples of 111.

111 days before 2/12/2011 was Oct 24, 2010 or the Tzolkin pair of 111, day # 149. This was 5 days before the last Venus Inferior Conjunction. , which occured on 10/29/2010 at 1:11 UTC.

216 or 6 x 6 x 6 days from 2/12/2011, was the Solar Eclipse of 2010 that occurred on 7/11/2010, day # 44. As you well may know, Obama is the 44th president.

Recall that Obama visited for the 1st time since the begininning of his Presidency, Chicago, and delivered a campaign speech for the 2010 election on December 30th, 2010, This occurred on day #155. This was 111 days after the eclipse on day #44 (5 Kan) 7/11/2010, and one day beyond the inferior conjuncton of Venus, as the Sun, Earth, and Venus were still in close alignment. This particular day was 105 days before the end of the current Tzolkin cycle on 2/12/2011. The number 105 is the difference between 365 and 260. 365-260 = 105.

Chicago means "wild onion", and the layers of the matrix are many. Incidentally, many of the names in the Matrix Trilogy are 'Chicago' place names, due to the writers/directors being raised there. The first date shown in the first scene of the Matrix film trilogy is 2/19/1998, which scrolls across the screen as Trinity is having a phone conversation with Cypher, and is in fact 260 x 5 days (1300) before 9/11/2001. Subsequently, this Gregorian date is shown on Thomas Anderson's passport as the expiration date. Since these dates are a multiple of 260 apart, they share the same day name. This day is again #199, which according to the Dreamspell Calendar, is Self-Existing Storm, "I define in order to Catalyze." Clearly, 9/11/2001 was shown directly to the viewer, but only a few may have recognized that the #199 (4 Cauac/Self-Existing Storm) was telling a greater story, and that it was this symbol that opened the film.

Recall that Neo resided in apartment 101, and that Trinity's location in the opening scene, was room 303. This was also the same location that Neo returns to at the end of the first film to to die and be reborn.

33, is indeed a significant number and not only was Jesus supposedly 33 at the time of the crucifixtion, it also equals the number of superhelical turns in polyoma DNA. It is often mentioned that there are 33 degrees in Freemasonry. If one were to inlcude the "hidden" 11th sephiroth, Daath, on the Tree of Life, or Qabalah, there would in fact be 33 paths. Of course, the components of the Tzolkin also add to 33: 13+20 = 33

Recall the Twin Towers, each had 110 (11) stories, with 47 (11) core columns, and 236 (11) perimeter columns. Recall that building 7, was 47 (11) stories high. Recall that the first plane to strike was Flight 11. If you look, it will be hard to find anything but 11's surrounding the event, including names, locations, such as Logan (22) etc. The buildings themselves were marked from the beginning as they were a giant 11 on the skyline.

Vladimir Putin assumed the office of Prime Minsiter of Russia 1010 (11) days before 2/12/2011. He will be 21312 days old on this day, which is equivalent to 666 x 32.

Dimitri Medvedev assumed the office of the Presidency of Russia 1011 days before 2/12/2011.

Chinese President, Hu Jin Tao's landmark visit to the U.S. under the shadow of an international economic crisis, culminated with his historic stop in Chicago on 1/21/2011. Not only was this day 22 days before 2/12/2011, this day was the first full day the sun was in the sign of Aquarius, the 11th Sign. Venus happened to be setting directly on the horizon at the Willis Tower at exactly 1:11pm CST (-6) on this day. In fact the degree in which it was setting was 3 Capricorn. As Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, we multiply 30 degrees by 10 = 300 degrees + 3 degrees = 303 degrees. This can be confirmed with Astrolog or like software, or any ephemeris.

Chicago, especially inside the Loop, is full of skyscrapers with many 111, 333 etc. addresses. Additionally, the streets in this area are all named for dead presidents. The highway is called the Congress expressway. At the Chicago Board of Trade, one is greeted by a statue of Ceres. The Godess of Wheat, whose 'holocaust' feast day was 4/19.

The city of Chicago has an area of 234.0 square miles according to Wikipedia. There are three buildings with a dual antenna on the roof, showing three elevens on the Chicago skyline, probably one of the most recognized in the world. As mentioned above, the U.S. is 234 years + 222 days old on 2/12/2011, .234 of 1111 is 260 etc.

The world's first atomic explosion occurred at the Trinity site, in New Mexico on 7/16/1945. This day was #228 (7 Lamat), which was 23952 days before 2/12/2011. This period of time also happens to be 228 days less than 31 cycles of Mars (780), or 228 days less than 93 cycles of the Tzolkin.

As significant as Trinity was, perhaps the true beginning of the Atomic Age was on 12/2/1942, when the world's first controlled nuclear reaction took place in Chicago at Chicago Pile-1, a nuclear facility operating under the Manhattan project. 12/2/1942 was day #51 and was 24909 days from 2/12/2011. 666 x 38 + 399 = 24909.

According to the architectural website, Emporis.com, currently Chicago has 1,011 skyscrapers.

The first 3 letters Illinois resemble 111, as does the often anticipated, World War 111, as do the first 3 letters in the word Illumination.

We could go on like this for quite awhile, as everything that is stated here is but a glimpse of the shadows which are cast all around you. The question seems to be, which cloud are we currently under?

Taken on the whole, the relevance of these numbers is substantial, especially in the context of how many more examples are not listed here. What are the odds the Tzolkin stiches these highly influential and related events together so well, just by random chance? Realize that the Tzolkin is comprised of 260 days. Your Tzolkin birthday would be a number from 1-260, but somehow we have in the greater societal/collective experience a very specific set of symbolism, repeating, and re-iterating itself in accord with planetary cycles. It goes further than looking at the planetary orbits in space. The element of time must be included so that planetary intervals representing greater cycles are recognized. Rest assured, these influences did not just recently manifest.

I recommend a couple of programs to aid you in validating any of this information for yourself. One being Mayacal Version 2.02 by Right Brain software, and another being Time Travel 1.2, both of which are freely available online. And perhaps a nice spreadsheet application to compile data and run formulas in whichever creative ways you may have. You could also find various numerology programs to do the work for you, though they may be limited in their functions. Of course Astrolog, or equivalent, to handle astrological calculations. Or use Astrodienst online to perform them.

Don't forget to set the correlation constant in Mayacal to "Astronomical 584285", as the GMT, sometimes reffered to as the "True Count" (584283 correlation), is in fact 2 days off. Yet another layer of the onion. In fact, while the so-called "True Count" is 2 days off, the Dreamspell Calendar, which has popularized the Tzolkin and the 13 Moon Calendar, will be 51 days off on the final day of the Long Count. The Gregorian date is also off by 2 days, as the last day of the Long Count is not on 12/21/2012, rather it is on 12/23/2012. As the Long Count is a cycle of 1872000 days, this will be the 1,872,000th day, culminating a cycle of 144,000 x 13 days.

Of course, no one truly knows where the actual Long Count should be in relation to the Gregorian, as any good Mayan scholar would tell you, but the Astronomical Count (584285), seems to be the one that is currently being used, at least in regard to the Tzolkin's position. Even so, there is plenty of evidence to conclude that the Haab is also in alignment, which gives some credibility to this being the correct correlation to the Long Count, but I'll save that question for a time when greater attention can be devoted to it.

Regardless of the correlation constant applied, all of the distance numbers between events remain the same, only the Tzolkin day names themselves would change. The Astronomical Correlation (584285) simply brings the numerological language to the fore, and creates the interesting dynamics that link the Gregorian Calendar and the Tzolkin. The Dreamspell is another thing entirely, because of its adjustments to coincide with the Leap Days of the Gregorian Calendar. To do this, it simply stops the count for one day, or counts the same day twice. This clearly violates the essence of Mayan calendrical principles, because the Tzolkin day will always advance, come what may, as it has for thousands of years. This is what gives Mayan time cycles perpetuity and is why a Mayan astronomer could calculate and divine such vast expanses of time with the simple, but elegant matrix of the Tzolkin.

In light of all that is written above, the fact that Obama, and the United States, were both born on day # 111 cannot be overstated in its significance. Even more symbolic than this is that they are 260 x 260 apart. As has been shown, the number 111 is not just an arbitrary number.

Take the last two digits of the year you were born and add the age that you will become this year in 2011. This applies to everyone born in the twentieth century. What is the answer?

111 x 111 creates a pyramid (12321) with the trinity at the peak. Like or not, the last day of the current round, 2/12/2011 (# 260), has some amazing symbolic resonances to previous events. This is also true for 2011 in general, but know that these patterns are repeated in equally interesting ways throughout the entire span of the history of our so-called civilization. One must take the "red pill" to see how far the rabbit hole goes. You decide.

Remember the words written in "777", by Aleister Crowley, "the destruction of reason through illumination."