There has been a great deal of interest surrounding the number 1111. Many who have referenced it describe synchronistic experiences as the means by which they become aware of it. The number has surfaced again and again over the past few years in the "new age" community and elsewhere, through online forums, blogs, articles, podcasts, covering a wide range of topics.

In spite of all of this, the number is still ill-defined. Few seem to be aware of any relationships to it, as it remains a number obscured in ambiguity. Perhaps it is owing to some sort of flood from the unconscious, a release valve, whereby it truly is sensed unconsciously or intuitively and made manifest. It could also be described as a gliche in the matrix, the cumulative error effect of mass subliminal programming whereby individuals retain a thread back to reality. These are at best educated guesses. There are many other dreamlike or surreal descriptions, but I have found little of this number in some form of applied system, be it mathematics, calendrics, astronomy, etc. Even more surprising, I found even less of any attempt to understand the number symbolically. These are the reasons I began to investigate this number for myself.

Here are a few correspondences I have found to its relation to time, through planetary and eclipse cycles and how they can be revealed through Mayan time counts, and even the primary time program of humanity, the Gregorian Calendar. Additionally, the number 1111 can be found operating in the halls of political power.

There are some key planetary cycles which relate to this number. Firstly, there is an eclipse cycle, in fact the 11th known eclipse cycle in the catalog of eclipse cycles, that has a direct correspondence to this number. This cycle is called the Hibbardina Eclipse Cycle and is a period of 111 lunations or 3277.90 days. That in alone is interesting indeed, but it gets better. The 111th elcipse cycle is related to the synodic period of Jupiter as well. The whole number average in days for Jupiter's synodic is 399 days. The Hibbardina Eclipse Cycle of 111 lunations is equivalent to 1111 days shy of 11 Jupiter cycles, which looks like this….

399*11-1111 = 3278 days. (.1 off the period of 3277.90)

Putting it all together would could say that 1111 days less than 11 Jupiter cycles equals 111 Lunations.

Keep in mind that the Maya did not deal with decimals as their mathematics utilized whole numbers in a vegisimal or 20 based number system. Thus, points of convergence and longer cycles of time were used to calibrate with exacting precision astronomical values. This is why a period of 81 lunations or 2392 days was known and referenced by the Maya, as this period of 81 Lunations is in fact almost exactly 2392 days, and less than 1/1000th of 1 percent off of the modern value. It is also why the Metonic cycle of the moon is approximately one 260 day Mayan Tzolkin less than one 7200 day Mayan Katun, within 8 hours of being exact. There are many other examples, but for now let us continue with the number 1111.

1111*11 = 12221

All eclipse cycles represent a number of lunations, but obviously not all multiples of lunations are eclipse cycles. The 19th eclipse cycle in the catalog of eclipse cycles, is commonly known as the Triple Tritos, or Maya eclipse cycle, and this a period of 405 lunations, or approximately 11960 days.

1 Lunar period = 29.53059
29.53059*405 = 11959.88895

11959.88895 is .111 shy of the whole number value of the Triple Tritos, 11960. The number 11960 also equals 2392*5, or 5 rounds of the 81 Lunation period. As was noted above 1111*11 = 12221. The Maya Eclipse cycle subtracted from this number equals one Tzolkin plus one day. 12221 - 11960 = 261

Again we see another correlation between the Tzolkin and eclipse cycles and the number 1111. The topic of eclipse cycles will be covered in much more depth in a future article, as all nearly all eclipse cycles can be tracked with the Tzolkin, utilizing whole number cycles of planets or Tzolkin periods, with "13" day or Cosmic day offsets. Let us say for now, that Jupiter figures prominently. One example would be the 22nd eclipse cycle (unnamed), which is equivalent to almost exactly 43 Jupiter cycles.

The number 1111 is also equivalent to three synodic cycles of Uranus plus one day. Uranus has a whole number average synodic cycle of 370 days. 370*3 + 1 = 1111. The number 111 also relates to Uranus in that 3 cycles of Uranus is equivalent to 111*10.

Curiously, Pluto was stripped of Planetary status and classified a "Plutoid", on 1/11/2008. This date is both 111 (1/11) and 1111 (1/11/2+8=1). Three whole number cycles of Pluto is equivalent to 1101 days. 367*3 = 1101.

There are definitely some interesting relationships between the number 1111 and the outer planets, eclipse cycles, the Tzolkin, and other Mayan counts, such as the Katun, and by extension the number 111, which is another number that has been extensively referenced in a similar manner. Indeed this number is covered in other articles within this weblog.

These cycles can applied to events in time to see if there truly are some connections to either our own personal lives or collective experiences. According to the Astronomical (584285) Correlation to the Gregorian calendar, today, 4/12/2011, is day number 59 of the 260 day Tzolkin, 7 Cauac, or Resonant Storm (I Channel in order to Catalyze), as would be described in the language of the Arguelles' Dreamspell Calendar.

Going back in time a little ways to the last day of the previous Tzolkin round, on 2/12/2011, day number 260 of 260, 13 Ahau, Barak Obama was 1111 days older than JFK lived to be, and this day was also 1111 days after Bush delivered his last State of the Union Address. Many may see this as an amazing coincidence, but when one takes into account the fact that Obama and the United States were born on day #111 of 260 in the Tzolkin, according to the Astronomical Correlation, and how this relates to the information above, it would almost be criminal not to investigate further.

Barak Obama d.o.b. - 8/04/1961 - #111, 7 Chuen
U.SA d.o.b -7/04/1776 - #111, 7 Chuen

When two people or events share the same day name, it means that they are a perfect mulitple of 260 apart. The Mayan Tzolkin continues unbroken forever and this makes it a perpetual count or calendar, unlike the Gregorian and its leap days. The perpetuity of Mayan counts allows for the easy computation of vast cycles of time.

Not only do Obama and the United States share the same Mayan birthday, and hence are a multiple of 260 apart, this specific multiple is 260 itself.

Obama was born 67,600 days (260*260) after the birth of the United States. We can easily determine the number of days between two dates by utilizing the Long Count, which is a period of 1872000 days. Obama was born on day 1853231 in the Long Count. The United states was born on day 1785631.

1853231 - 1785631 = 67600 = 260*260

I'd say that we are indeed living in very symbolic times, and of course, we always have, but no other President has ever shared the same Mayan birthday with the United States, and that is a fact.

America is currently in it's 234th year. Interestingly on the the date mentioned above 2/12/2011, which has a significant number of references to 1111, the United States was exactly 85689 days old, which is 234 actual solar years and 222 (111*2) days. Interestingly the date itself decodes to 234, if we view it in the American date format: 2/1+2=3/2+0+1+1=4….2/3/4.

The Tzolkin is comprised of the interaction of 13 numbers with 20 tribes or totems. 13*20 = 260. Each tribe is paired with each number 1-13, one time in the count of 260 days. The number 234 is a 13 day, what the Dreamspell calendar calls a Cosmic day. The number 234 is 13 Ix, or 13 Jaguar, or Cosmic Wizard, depending on your preference. 234 is 26 days less than 1 Tzolkin. The number 234 also relates specifically to the number 1111.

1111*.234 = 259.974

260 - 259.974 = .026

Another expression could be 260/.234 = 1111.11111

We can see the significance the number 1111 plays in its relation to time, as it seems to be mathematically interwoven with the Tzolkin and relates to planetary and eclipse cycles. I guess it should come as no surprise that many have referenced this number by continually seeing it on a clock.

Additionally, we can see this number being reflected in the icons of political power and the symbolism of the United States. The Tzolkin is as much an oracle as an ephemeris and the very concept of synchronicity is central to Mayan time, as cycles nested within cycles reveal the natural harmonics of time and energy. The idea that social engineering could be so successful in utilizing them, implies that the myopic view of the world held by the majority of the collective is a direct result of the exploitation of these harmonics by a select few that are aware of their significance. All numbers are sacred symbols. Perhaps 1111 is trying to break through the subconscious and reclaim its status as such, or perhaps we are just looking at the codes of the Matrix, but how could so much communication regarding this number have taken place without any of these correlations being made before? Perhaps this shows us the extent of the knowledge of the so-called modern day Mayanists, and the lack of interest on the part of academia.

Of course I'm sure there is much else to be gleaned from these clues, and I for one welcome any feedback on this most interesting symbol, 1111.