The 111th hour

Time is a funny thing. Such a cliche' statement, but one that offers an entrance into a new interpretation. We all experience time in varying ways within the construct of what ultimately seems to be a linear progression. The influences of modern culture color our very perception of time. The processes by which we live and function through education, career, acquisition, attainment, etc. reinforce the linear construct, as it is the primary perception of time that is used to accomplish our human endeavors. Everything must have a beginning and an end, and nothing ventured, nothing achieved. Tasks must be undertaken, resources allocated, responsibility and authority delegated. Or so we think. In fact this world is by and large a product of what we think.

When a model is applied to reality, a certain conformation to the model will take place. In the case of time, we apply the model of the Gregorian calendar as the international standard, and our container for perceiving and communicating about time. There are of course many alternative approaches to modeling time, but the Gregorian calendar is the consensus to which human civilization conforms. This means that the human being conforms to this calendar as the primary program for perceiving time. It literally defines the quality and character of nearly all of our individual relationships with the outside world. Without it, the world could not function with the level of sophistication that it has reached. But what is largely unknown, but equally true, is that the brutality of the human experience could not function without it either.

Under such a model it is difficult to perceive time as it truly is. What is perceived is the construct of "time", dictated by the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar, and by extension, the mechanical clock, helps to orient individuals and hence the collectivity into a unified framework of consciousness. This seems positive on the surface as it allows us all to integrate with the collective experience, but few ever question the designers of the framework or bother to associate the many ills of society to the very obvious effects of a disharmonic model that accelerates the natural processes of a living experience. It is plain to see that the world is going faster with each passing day, and this is even true of the solar year, which in the age of the Classical Maya was 365.2422 days, where as now it is 365.24219 days. Of course this seems a very minor change, but when observing human society, it is certainly not one ten thousandth of a day, it is a rapid ascent towards a future unknown, and one that is far more engineered than is realized by the majority. The fact of the matter is that our construct of time is actually a component of a ritual, one that includes many unifying systems of knowledge, including other models of time.

Many have awoken to the reality of something being very wrong with the where the human collective is heading. Many believe that on some level it has always been this way and will be forever to some degree, but how many actually utilize something besides what has been laid before them to interpret reality, and in particular with regards to time? We can see the effect of a grand socialization of the world. Technology has achieved a certain connectivity, but in reality it is as artificial as the Gregorian calendar. It encourages the individual be an expert at one thing, while being completely ignorant of everything else. It requires a machine like response and operation. Our politically polluted visions of freedom are also part of this over-arching construct and it should be obvious what it means to have "democracy" delivered to your door. Up is down, left is right, black is white. In the United States, the duopoly party system provides the perfect model for creating endless diversions around scripted conflicts. Public relations is in reality public deception, there to soften the blows of destruction with unifying and comfortable justifications of obvious injustices. Human beings have been programmed to merely shrug their shoulders and accept it all as the real world. It certainly is made real, but the 21st century framework of reality is more akin to a collectively agreed upon fantasy. A matrix for the mind, if you will. It becomes clear upon observation that human society did not arrive here due to a natural process of socialization, but is in effect de-socializing from the natural world, a world which is far more real and valuable to us than the lofty achievements of science and technology which have given us comfortable illusions as the replacement, along with the insanity of ignorant destruction.

The fear factor being what it is, few are willing or able to address the foundations of the human dilemma, and it is a dilemma indeed for those who find themselves ritualized in a scene which they did not create. Fear and her brother, violence, are stuck in a continous loop, creating a whirpool that welcomes you into the vortex. It is far easier to destroy a thing than to create one, and through destruction a false sense of power can provide the illusion of control over the environment. A central reason that the psychopath can be easily manipulated to perpetrate countless crimes upon the world is due to the fact that they are oblivious to synchronicity and thus see themselves as isolated entities in a hostile world. Hence, the subjugation of the environment to one's will becomes the "meaning of life" for such individuals. If they were to actually perceive the dynamics of the ritual, they too would quickly realize that their influence is in fact null and void, for they did not write the script. That they are shown glimpses of reality is all that is needed to convince them that they have the upper hand, but in the final equation, this ritual is a holocaust on humanity, and that means a "whole" sacrifice.

That pesky word: ritual. Most find it laughable indeed that society is ritualized by an occult language to any great degree. The complexity of our modern civilization and the number of people within it seems to invalidate such a claim. Our rituals in society are often construed as being neutral or positive practices designed to facilitate the processes of daily life. Most agree that the world has some serious problems, but these problems are simply the natural processes of evolution, right? The following example will illustrate that this is an uniformed assumption. The base point of the ritual of time cannot actually even be determined and yet it functions with the same precision today as it has for centuries.

On the Desk Of Rahm Emmanuel

Rahm Emmanuel is the current Mayor of Chicago. He is also the former White House Chief of Staff for Barak Obama and a senior advisor to Clinton. He is an Israeli dual citizen whose father was involved in the Zionist terrorist attempts to resecure the holy land as a place for the Jewish people in the last days of British Palestine. Rahm himself has served in the Israeli military. He is one of 3 brothers, who all have highly influential positions in the social construct. "Rahmbo" as his friends call him, is in fact often at the center of extremely symbolic events and he himself is a central component of the last days of the United States as it is currently known. On 2/22/2011 Emmanuel was elected as Mayor of Chicago.

Rahm was born on day # 17 in the Mayan Tzolkin according to the Astronomical correlation to the Gregorian calendar. This day is the first appearance of an Earthquake day in the 260 day count, as Earthquake is the 17th of the 20 tribes of the Tzolkin. Day # 17 is in fact 4 Caban, or Self-Existing Earth(quake).

Here is the data for the date of Rahm's birth:

11/29/1959 - Numerologically speaking….1111
Long Count # - 1852617
Tzolkin: 4 Caban (17 of 260)
Haab: 5 Ceh (226 of 365)

Emmanuel's first day as acting Mayor of Chicago was 5/16/2011. On this day, he had a photo op and a press release about the reclaiming of Anton Cermak's desk as his own. Cermak was the 44th mayor of Chicago, who died on 3/6/1933, a few days after taking a bullet intended for FDR in an assassination attempt that occured in 1933. The assasination attempt had taken place on 2/15/1933, nineteen days before Cermak's death, in Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida, and at this time Roosevelt was the President Elect. An examination of the time harmonics reveal that this media story on 5/16/2011, about Rahm's first day and the desk of Cermak, is actually a revelation of ritualistic symbols cloaked in a seemingly random press release. This being so because the number of days from Cermak's death to Rahm's 1st day as Mayor of Chicago and his pose with Cermak's desk is essentially the product of the Tzolkin day numbers for both Rahm and Chicago itself. This equation is 1680 * 17 = 28560. Twenty eight five sixty is the actual number of days between these two events. Chicago in fact has an interesting story its own in relation the Mayan Tzolkin, as both the town and the city were both established on the same Tzolkin day # 168, exactly five Tzolkins apart.

Event Gregorian Date Long Count Tzolkin # Mayan Name 365 Haab day
Town of Chicago est. 8/12/1833 1806488 168 of 260 12 Lamat 6 Tzec ( day 87 of 365)
City of Chicago inc. 3/4/1837 1807788 168 of 260 12 Lamat 11 Muan ( day 292 of 365)

Subtracting the LC numbers: 1807788 - 1806488 = 1300
260 * 5 = 1300

So on his first day as the 55th Mayor of Chicago, Rahm is posing with the desk of Cermak, the 44th Mayor of Chicago, exactly 28560 days from the date of Cermak's death, which is 1680 * 17 days. Chicago, both town and city were established on the Tzolkin day # 168 and Rahm himself was born on Tzolkin day # 17. Cermak died in the assassination attempt of FDR the President Elect at that time in February of 1933. That is about as direct as it comes, but these kinds of harmonics are not limited to Rahm Emmanuel or Chicago alone. They are are intricately woven with other meaningful events with equal precision and the fact that they are displayed full frontal in the mainstream media should come as no surprise.

The messianic figure that is Obama, his connection to Chicago and political operatives such as Rahm Emmanuel, the linking of the holocaust to Ceres, and the fact that her statue is outside the Chicago Board of Trade, the connections of these themes to the Trinity, the number 111, and the elaborate language revealed through the Tzolkin, all serve to point to this time and to Chicago in particular as a point of significance. To gain a true appreciation of the level of sophistication of these time harmonics, an exploration of history is required. The advent of the internet makes this a much easier task than ever before, but the true application of this knowledge requires one to connect the dots. This entails integrated knowledge and some form of understanding of symbolic language. Society is in fact built upon symbols. That it could be so elaborately arranged is completely alien to the consensus oriented individual, who is using the limited palette of interpretation instilled in them through years of cultural programming. Without relevant questions, there will be no valid answers.

These tie-ins to the modern architecture of political power bring one to the door of an intense awareness of the synchronicity of our experience and confirms that remaining ignorant of a harmonic reality will only perpetuate the powerlessness of an ignorant society. Civilization has never truly existed in the span of these last 13 Baktuns or approximately 5000 years, as it cannot seem to evolve past self-murder. What has existed is the ideal of civilization without a complete application of the theory. The cycles of war are as constant in the modern era as they were in a hundred or even a thousand years ago, only now more deadly and majorly catastrophic, and the power-brokers of the world are more than willing and able to mete out the necessary force to preserve their illusionary construct of supremacy. All of this serving to trap humanity in a hall of mirrors with rotating doors, where the perversion of power is seen as the price of "progress".

The Return of 111

June 3rd of 2011 will be day #111 in this current Mayan Tzolkin round according the Astronomical Correlation to the Gregorian Calendar. This will be a Tzolkin birthday for both Obama and the United States as they were both born on Tzolkin day #111. The United States was born on 7/4/1776 #111 exactly 330 Tzolkins (260*330) from this day. Obama was born on 8/4/1961, exactly 70 Tzolkins (260*70) from this day. As can be seen, Obama and the United States were born 260 Tzolkins (260*260) apart. 330-70=260. Additionally, Obama will be 18200 days old, which is one Mars cycle less than a Mayan Calendar Round of 18980 days. The Calendar Round harmonizes the Mayan Tzolkin and the 365 day Haab year.

18980 = 260*73 = 365*52
18980-780 = 18200

The age of the United States, 330 * 260, is also equivalent to the 234 Solar Years and 333 days. When the U.S. reaches the age of 333 Tzolkins on 7/22/2013, Obama will be exactly one Calendar Round of 18980 days old, as one Mars cycle is equivalent to 3 Tzolkins (260*3=780).

Revelation 1:11 - I am the first AND THE LAST, the Alpha and the Omega.

The Mayan Long Count is a cycle of 20 Baktuns. The culmination of the 13th Baktun will complete a period of 1872000 (144,000*13) days on 12/23/2012.

6/03/2011 (9/11)
Long Count #1871431 - 7 Chuen 19 Zip
Tzolkin Day #111 - Haab Day #60 (Tzolkin day + Haab day = JFK assassination Tzolkin #171)
Lord of Night: G7
Moon age 2.25 (3.3%)
Solar Abnodal -12.63
819 Day Cycle: 0.0.19
Astrological degrees: Virgo 3,4
I Ching Hexagram #46 Pushing Upward Earth/Wind
Tarot: The Empress
Qabalah: Daleth (door)


Starring - Lucifer - 38 (LUCIFER = 3339656 = 38)


Venus - 584/585 (Venus Synodic Average) - 225 (Venus Sidereal Average) - 243 (Venus Orbital period or "day")
Jupiter- 399 (A.K.A. ZEUS)
Moon - 29.53059
Mercury - 116/117
Solar Year - 365.2422
Saturn - 377/378
Uranus - 370
Pluto - 367
Mars - 780 (260*3)
Semester - 177 (shortest interval in days between 2 successive eclipses at alternate nodes) (7 Lunations)
777 - Jupiter (399) + Saturn (378) = 777
Venus Phi Earth (365*1.6=584) - 2920: 5 Cycles of Venus or 8 Earth years (584*5=365*8=2920)
Hibbardina Eclipse Cycle (111 Lunations) - 29.53059 * 111 = 3278


4 Ahau - 160 (4 Ahau is the beginning day and end day of the Mayan Long Count)

Tzolkin - 260
Tun - 360
Calendar Year or Mayan Haab - 365
Katun - 7200
Calendar Round - 18980 (365*52=260*73=18980)

Tzolkin days:

Barack Obama - Tzolkin day # 111 and the number 44 (44th President)
United States - Tzolkin day # 111
JFK assassination - Tzolkin day #171
Queen of England # 222
Deepwater Horizon # 222
Bush End/Obama begin - Tzolkin day #27


6*6*6 - 216
Skull and Bones - 322
Fukushima - 311
Beast - 666
11:11 - 1111

Master Numbers (multiples of eleven) - 11,22,33,44 etc.

13 or Cosmic Days of the Tzolkin (13*20 = 260):

13 (13 Ben), Cosmic Skywalker
26 (13 Cimi), Cosmic Death
39 (13 Cauac), Cosmic Storm
52 (13 Eb), Cosmic Human
65 (13 Chicchan), Cosmic Serpent
78 (13 Etznab), Cosmic Mirror
91 (13 Chuen), Cosmic Monkey - 91 days in an Earth Season.
104 (13 Kan), Cosmic Seed - Number of years in a Venus Round
117 (13 Caban), Cosmic Earthquake - Calculational cycle for Mercury, 1/5 of Venus Calculational cycle.
130 (13 Oc), Cosmic Dog - Lord of the Underworld, 1/2 of 260.
143 (13 Akbal), Cosmic Night -
156 (13 Cib), Cosmic Warrior
169 (13 Muluc), Cosmic Moon
182 (13 Ik), Cosmic Wind
195 (13 Men), Cosmic Eagle
208 (13 Lamat), Cosmic Star
221 (13 Imix), Cosmic Dragon
234 (13 Ix), Cosmic Wizard
247 (13 Manik), Cosmic Hand
260 (13 Ahau), Cosmic Sun

June 3, 2011 not only is 2 days after the 6/01/2011 Partial Solar Eclipse, it also occurs 190 days before the third of 3 successive total lunar eclipses on 12/10/2011 (111*1.7117), and 368 days before 2nd Passage of Venus Transit Pair (367+1). Below is a list of distance numbers and other events that occurred before 6/3/2011. Parentheses note the harmonics of the distance number. Reference the Cast listed above for information related to these harmonics. From the list below we can learn such facts as the following:

On June 3, 2011 , Tzolkin day # 111, when the Moon is 3.3% illuminated, 33 days after Osama Bin Laden was killed, Obama will be 303 days into his 49th year, and America herself will be 330 Mayan Tzolkins old. This day will also be 30 Weeks and 3 days after the 2010 U.S. elections and 3030 days after the world's largest war protest in over 600 cities around the world. Nasa was established exactly 33 Venus cycles and 30 days before this day. The Federal Reserve Act was passed 33 days less than 61 Venus cycles from this day. June 3 is also 1 month and 1 day prior to America's 235th birthday, and 3 months, and 8 days from September 11.

June 3, 2011 will be:

2 days after 6/1/2011 total solar eclipse

33 days afer "official" death of Osama Bin Laden who died on Tzolkin day # 78 - Cosmic Mirror

72 days after Jose Arguelles d.o.d. (18980 * .0038) who died on Tzolkin day #39 - Cosmic Storm
100 days or 3 Months and 8 days before September 11.

146 days after Tucson (584*.25), which occurred on Tzolkin day #225. The number 225 is the average sidereal period for Venus.

149 days after 112th Congress constitution reading/opening (260-111)

153 days or (21 Weeks 6 days) or (5 months and 2 days) after 1/1/11

155 from 216 - 12/30/2010 (111+44) (216=6*6*6)

160 days after Christmas Day 2010 (160= 4 Ahau, beginning and end of LC, related to phi and the golden mean.)

182 days (6 Months) after 12/03/2010 where Obama was 18018 days old 18 days before the Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse of 12/21/2010. The State of Illinois was founded on the same date of December 3rd, in the year 1818. (182=13 Ik= Cosmic Wind)

208 after Obama in Mumbai (208=13 Lamat= Cosmic Star)

213 days or 7 Months, 1 day or 30 weeks, 3 days after 2010 elections.

216 (7 months, 4 days) after Obama in Chicago #155

243 days after the beginning of the "Green" Commonwealth Games (243 average whole number of days of Venus axial rotation, or "day".)

303 days after Obama's last (49th) birthday on 8/4/2010.

409 days after Deepwater Horizon on 4/20/2010. (260 + 111 + 38)

419 days after the Polish President's air crash on 4/10/2010.

440 after Eyjafjallajökull eruption. (38*11+22)

491 Ben Bernanke confirmed by Senate for second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. (380 + 111)

701 after Sears Tower skydeck reopening (glass bottom). (584+117)

711 days after Washington Metro Collision (19*38-11)

728 days after Obama visited Buchenwald (3.1111*234)

864 days after Obama Innauguration (1111*.7777)

919 days after the Mumbai attacks on 11/26/2008 (260 + 260 + 399)

1121 days after Vladimir Putin assumes offiice (1010 +111)

1122 days after Dmitry Medvedev assumes office. (1011 + 111)

1168 after Gillani Nomination for Pakistani PM (584*2)

1460 days after the Olympic 2012 "Zion" logo unveiling (584*2.5)

1696 days after the Rolling Stones "Bigger Bang" tour @ Soldier field (1111 + 585) (365.2422*5-130)

1961 days after New Horizons Launch (Obama born in 1961)

2231 days after Pope Benedict XVI Innaugural mass (111*20+11) (584*3.8+11.8) (225*10-19)

2727 days after Enola Gay Aircraft display (399*7-66)

2997 days after the beginning of the Iraq War (27*111) (2920*77)

3030 days after the world's largest war protest in over 600 cities (1111+1919) (111*27+33)

3038 days after Patriot Act II (365.2422*8+116)

3507 days after Patriot Act (666*5 +177)

3552 after 911 (32*111) (399*9-39)

6669 days after the Waco event began (171*39) (260*25+169) (117*57)

7199 days after SK becomes UN member state (7200-1)

7399 days after Prince William's first appearance (7200+199)

7400 days after the end of Gulf War (111*66.6666) (666*11.1111)

7548 days after the Berlin Wall came down (111*68)

11022 days after President Ronald Reagan and others were shot in an attempted assasination. (1111+11)

11688 days after Ixtoc Oil Spill on 6/3/1979. (365.2422*32.000) (399*29+116) (11680 +8) Lat:19 + Long:92 = 111

11851 days after the arrest of Chicago Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy, who was ultimately convicted of killing 33 young men (584*20+171)

17360 days after the JFK assassination (171 days less than 48 solar years) (260*66.6 +44) Kennedy assassinated on Tzolkin day #171.

17446 days after MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. (260*67+26)

18200 after Obama's birth (819*22.222222) (260*70) (18980-780) (234*77.7777) (365.2422*49 + 303)

18291 days after the first Astronaut on Freedom 7 (819*22.3333) (260*70 + 91)

19302 days after Nasa est. (18980 + 322) (18980 * 1.0170)

19667 days after the establishment of the IAEA (666*29.53059)

22258 (584*38-66) days after NK crosses 38th parallel

22452 days after the establishment of the Mossad (584*38+260)

22525 days after the establishment of the People's Republic of China (584*38+333)

22597 days after the U.S. Senate approved the creation of NATO (585+38+367)

23067 days after the World Health Organization was created on 4/7/1948. (111*216 - 399 - 399 - 111)

23197 days after the U.N. approves partitioning Palestine (225*103+22)

23335 days after the creation of India and Pakistan (584*39+260+260+39)

23341 days after the Roswell incident (585*38+1111)

23963 days after the UN charter was ratified by 5 permanent members of the Security Council on 10/24/1945. (111*216 + 13)

24015 days after the Japanese surrender on the U.S.S. Missouri on 9/2/1945. (111*216 + 39)

24042 days after Hiroshima (111*216 + 66) or (111*6*6*6 + 66)

24965 days after the signing of the U.N. charter in San Francisco. (780*32 + 5)

26728 days after the Orson Welles "Attack from Mars" scare on 3/30/1938. (260*102 + 208)

35591 days after the Federal Reserve Act was passed on 12/23/1913. (584*61-33)

47268 (202*234) days after the foundation of Standard Oil Trust

47846 days after A.G. Bell transmitted the first wireless telephone message on his newly invented photophone in Washington, D.C (365.2422 * 131)

63643 days after the incorporation of the City of Chicago (378*168+139)

64943 days after the establishment of the Town of Chicago (584*111+119)

72111 days after the est. of the United Grand Lodge of England (7200*100 +111)

72800 days after New Madrid Earthquake 2/7/1811 (311.1111*234) (10.1111*7200) (202.2222*360)

72943 days after "Black Sun" Eclipse prophecy/Tecumseh's War (311.7222 *234)

85800 days after America's birth on 7/4/1776. (260*330) (365.2422 * 234 + 333)