419 and the Holocaust Ritual

The following article addresses the number and date 4/19 and its relation to Mayan time cycles, Greek and Roman myth of Spring, Judaic mysticism, the Nazi's, the symbology of the United States, including the current President, and even the Pope…and that is just to name a few correlations.

The ritualization of collective events are revealed through a hidden symbolic language that utilizes various 'occult' systems to harmonize events with planetary cycles and their convergences. The Mayan Tzolkin is a cycle of 260 days. This language becomes more clear when the 584285 (astronomical) correlation is applied to the Gregorian Calendar, giving the Mayan Long Count an end date of 12/23/2012. Utilizing this correlation to the Gregorian, a numerological language built upon 11 and its multiples, intertwines with the Tzolkin and Gregorian date numbers themselves to reveal this ritualization of not only warfare and strife of all kinds, but also the creation and formation of material reality, and of the cultural memes that are promoted in the media culture of the 21st Century. Another story is being communicated or revealed through the understanding of this language of time and through the transposition of name to number. Numbers are not just for quantification, they are also profound symbols.

In the Tzolkin count, Ceres was discovered on 1/01/1801, day # 217 (9 Caban or Solar Earth). The last occurrence of day # 217 was on New Year's Eve, 12/31/2010. New Years Eve occurs 111 days after September the eleventh. 911. New Year's Eve Occurred 111 days before 4/21/2011, the first full day the sun is in the sign of Taurus. Both Barak obama were born on day # 111, and in fact are 67,600 or 260*260 days apart.

4/19 is the date of the Cerealia or festival of Ceres, where the holocaust ritual was performed in a dedication to Ceres, Goddess of Grains. Dictionary.com defines holocaust as…"a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering."

The following etymological associations were found here… oneclimbs.com

holo: a primary word; “whole” or “all”, i.e. complete (in extent, amount, time or degree), especially (neuter) as noun or adverb:–all, altogether, every whit, + throughout, whole.

kaio: apparently a primary verb; to set on fire, i.e. kindle or (by implication) consume:–burn, light. The etymological information can be found here…

Ceres and Jupiter gave birth to Proserpina… Her current wikipedia entry states… "Proserpina (sometimes spelt Proserpine, Prosperine or Prosperina) is an ancient Roman goddess whose story is the basis of a myth of Springtime. Her Greek goddess' equivalent is Persephone." The myth basically is this….At the behest of Venus, Cupid struck Pluto with his arrow, upon which he turned his amoration to Proserpina, and abducted her to the underworld.

…"In her desperation Ceres angrily stopped the growth of fruits and vegetables, bestowing a malediction on Sicily. Ceres refused to go back to Mount Olympus and started walking on the Earth, making a desert at every step."

As his wife Ceres was distraught, Jupiter, via Mercury, persuaded Pluto (his brother) to free his daughter from the underworld. This he did, but not before tricking Proserpina into eating the fruit of the dead…

…"Worried, Jupiter sent Mercury to order Pluto (Jupiter's brother) to free Proserpina. Pluto obeyed, but before letting her go he made her eat six pomegranate seeds, because those who have eaten the food of the dead could not return to the world of the living. This meant that she would have to live six months of each year with him, and stay the rest with her mother. This story was undoubtedly meant to illustrate the changing of the seasons: when Ceres welcomes her daughter back in the spring the earth blossoms, and when Proserpina must be returned to her husband it withers."

Jupiter figures prominently in Mayan time counts as its synodic period is numerically harmonized to the 819 count and to the Storm (Cauac) tribe or #19. Jupiter's whole number synodic period of 399 days is a Storm number. By calculating from 1 again everytime we reach 260, we can see that 399 would fall on #139 in the Tzolkin, or 9 Cauac (Solar Storm).

As mentioned above, both the United States and Obama were born on day #111. The number 111 is associated with the path of Aleph on the Tree of Life, as the word Aleph transposes to 111 in the hebrew system of Gematria. Revelation 1:11 - I am the Alpha and the Omega. The first and the Last. In the hermetic kabbalistic system, the path of Aleph corresponds to the 0 or 22nd trump card of the Tarot.

The Gregorian date 4/19 not only relates to the Ceres and the ancient holocaust ritual, it is a date notoriously connected to death by fire and other important historical events right up to our current age, including:

1943 - The burning of the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis.
1993 - The burning of the Waco compound.
1995 - The Oklahoma City bombing.
1775 - The first shot of the American Revolution.
1898 - Cuban Independence.
1961 -The Bay of Pigs Invasion.
1933 - The U.S. departure from the Gold Standard.
1971 - The launch of Salyut 1, the world's first Space Station.
2005 - The beginning of the papacy of the current Pope, Benedict XVI.

We can turn our attention back to the Tzolkin to find some interesting connections to the events listed above. Here are the same events listed with their Tzolkin day numbers:

#189 - The burning of the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis.
#252 - The burning of the Waco compound.
#202 - The Oklahoma City bombing.
#189 - The first shot of the American Revolution.
#82 - Cuban Independence.
#4 - The Bay of Pigs Invasion.
#177 - The U.S. departure from the Gold Standard.
#16 - The launch of Salyut 1, the world's first Space Station.
#215 - The beginning of the papacy of the current Pope, Benedict XVI.

We can see that not only did the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto occur on 4/19 as did the first shot of the American Revolution, but also that these events share the same Tzolkin day # 189 or 7 Muluc. This is significant because the Tzolkin and the 365 day calendar take approximately 52 years to synchronize (260*73 = 365*52). The actual solar year synchronizes with the Tzolkin every 42 years (260*59 = 365.2422*42). Thus, the pairing of the Tzolkin and 365 date would only occur very infrequently.

We can examine another event, to see more symbolic relationships to the Long Count and its divisors including the Tzolkin. It is well known that Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing occurred on 4/19. In fact, the story goes that McVeigh chose that date to avenge the deaths at Waco, and now, the A.D.L. even defines the number as a "hate" symbol. But perhaps it is not so commonly known that these events also share the same Tzolkin date, because the beginning of the Waco siege, which lasted 22 days, occured on day # 202, or 7 Ik, which was the same day number for the Oklahoma City bombing on 4/19/1995. Additionally, the Katun period relates to Waco, in that the burning of the compound on 4/19/1993 was exactly 7238 days or 1 Katun and 38 days from the end of the Long Count on 12/23/2012. The number 38 has been covered in other articles within this blog, but briefly it relates to Lucifer as that it is the number of Lucifer:

Lucifer - 3 + 3 + 3 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 9 = 38/11. This number is also shared with Apollyon 1 + 7 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 5 = 38/11, the angel of the bottomless pit, named in Revelation 9:11. Incidentally, the phrase "The Joker" also transposes to 38.

The number 322 has been a subject of interest in recent years, as it relates to the elite fraternity of Skull and Bones. We can find a date example of this in the Georgia Guidestones, which were dedicated on 3/22/1980, # 156 in the Tzolkin which is a 13 or Cosmic day sign, in this case "Cosmic Warrior". 3/22 occurred on # 38 in the Tzolkin in this year of 2011. There are in fact many synchronizations all culminating in the current year and the continuation of embedded time codes is binding events around significant dates, including 4/19. Not that this means anything will necessarily happen on 4/19/2011, but regardless, the language reveals how intricate these connections can be. One way to explore this is by studying the distance numbers between this date and other meaningful dates in history. Considering the 111 connections to Obama and the United States, we could start from that foundation. Or we could even choose a very current event to see if there are any striking relationships, and indeed there are.

The Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and subsquent Level 7 Nuclear Disaster Event, all began on 3/11/2011. This was exactly 39 days from 4/19. The number 39 is a 13 day as are all of the multiples of the number 13 in the Tzolkin (listed below). The 13 represents the highest numerical expression of each of the 20 tribes or totems.

13 Multiple Yucatec Dreamspell Action Notes
1*13=13 13 Ben Cosmic Skywalker Explores -
2*13=26 13 Cimi Cosmic World-Bridger Equalizes -
3*13=39 13 Cauac Cosmic Storm Catalyzes 6.666666 of 260
4*13=52 13 Eb Cosmic Human Influences 52 is 1/5 of 260
5*13=65 13 Chicchan Cosmic Serpent Survives 65 is 1/4 of 260
6*13=78 13 Etznab Cosmic Mirror Reflects -
7*13=91 13 Chuen Cosmic Monkey Plays 91 days in 1 Earth season
8*13=104 13 Kan Cosmic Seed Targets -
9*13=117 13 Caban Cosmic Earth Evolves 117 is a calculation cycle for Mercury
10*13=130 13 Oc Cosmic Dog Loves Guide of souls through the underworld
11*13=143 13 Akbal Cosmic Night Dreams -
12*13=156 13 Cib Cosmic Warrior Questions -
13*13=169 13 Muluc Cosmic Moon Purifies -
14*13=182 13 Ik Cosmic Wind Communicates -
15*13=195 13 Men Cosmic Eagle Creates -
16*13=208 13 Lamat Cosmic Star Beautifies -
17*13=221 13 Imix Cosmic Dragon Nurtures -
18*13=234 13 Ix Cosmic Wizard Enchants 234 is current age of U.S./D.C is 234 sq.miles
19*13=247 13 Manik Cosmic Hand Knows -
20*13=260 13 Ahau Cosmic Sun Enlightens Gestation period of the Human Being

As mentioned above, the Fukushima disaster began 39 days prior to 4/19/2011. This occurred on Tzolkin day # 27 or 1 Manik. Obama was sworn in as President of the U.S.A. on this same Tzolkin day # 27, 819 days before 4/19/2011. Perhaps not without irony, Jose Arguelles, founder of the Dreamspell calendar and the 2012 movement in general, died 27 days prior to 4/19/2011.

The number 819, which will be the number of days Obama has been in office as of 4/19/2011, is a Mayan time cycle that can be utlized to track outer planets. This "storm" cycle is equivalent to the synodic period of Mars plus 13 Cauac/Cosmic Storm, (780 + 39 = 260). The 780 day synodic period of Mars is also equivalent to 3 Tzolkins, (260 * 3 = 780).

On 3/09/2002, a scaffold collapse at the John Hancock Center in Chicago killed three bystanders below.

There is a statue of Ceres outside the Chicago Board of Trade building. There are many interesting tie ins to Chicago, not only because it is Obama's hometown, but because of the many symbolic associations that seem to relate to this "2nd" city and perhaps the most "American" of the largest American cities. The Manhattan Project got underway in Chicago and its ulitmate result was the first atomic explosion to occur later at the "Trinity" site in New Mexico. The number 111 relates to the trinity and the concept of the three pillars of freemasonry, the idea of the 3 in one.The establishment of the Town of Chicago and its later incorporation as a city, both occurred on the same Tzolkin day # 168 as these 2 events were exactly 5 Tzolkins apart. This day number will next occur exactly 1 Mercury synodic period of 116 days after the beginning of the current Haab or 365 day Mayan year, which began on day 4/05/2011, # 52, 13 Eb, (52 + 116 = 168).

From today 4/19/2011, one Saturn synodic period of 378 plus 52 days occurred since the death of Gary Coleman, famous for his catchphrase, "whatchu talkin bout Willis". His death actually occurred on the 0 or # 260 day in the Tzolkin. The Willis Tower in Chicago, was formerly known as the Sears Tower and is currently the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Its zip code is 60606, and it was renamed "Willis" tower 642 (819-177) days prior to 4/19/2011. 177 is the shortest number of days between to successive eclipses. Exactly one Calendar Round, or 18980 days before the building's premiere as the Willis Tower, the IAEA was established. The Calendar Round is where the Tzolkin and 365 day complete all of their possilbe permutations, and begin another 52 year cycle, (365 * 52 = 260 * 73). The Calendar Round was perhaps the most celebrated and revered cycle of the Maya people, as it synchronized the sacred and profane.

In relation to the Willis Tower and other buildings in Chicago, there is no doubt that the number 111 is a prominent address inside the Loop of central Chicago. The main streets that cross the center of the city are named for dead presidents. The multiples of 111, 222 and 333 figure prominently as well. Chicago would be a high value target whether it was state-sponsored false flag attacks or perpetrated by the more traditional terrorists, owing to be a center of financial and industrial activity. It sits on the edge of what is roughly 1/3 of the world's fresh water. The bible talks about a 1/3 of the earth's water being contaminated by 'Wormwood'.

Obviously, there are many nuclear references linking back to Chicago, further revelead through the exploration of these counts and their relation to the world around us. It is also a place known for its political influence. Both Lincoln and Obama began their political careers in Illinois. The fact that Lincoln was assassinated, is obviously not a correltion of the many that Obama and Lincoln share. To date, America has had 4 presidential assassinations, and one wonders who the 5th will be as the entire symbolic nature of the U.S. relates to the number 5 and the Pentagon. Obviously, the pentagram is often associated with Lucifer and also with Venus, both of which are often referred to as the morning star. These references are even in the bible, so this meme is well solidified in mainstream culture.

The pentagonal relationship of the Earth and Venus reveal how Phi, or the Golden ratio is basically built into the harmonics of their synodic period interactions. Venus is the product of the solar year of Earth multiplied by Phi or the Golden Ratio, (365 * 1.6 = 584), and actually traces a Pentagram around the Earth in an 8 year period, which is equivalent to 5 Venus cycles, (365 * 8 = 2920 = 584 * 5). This particular cycle shows up in some of the most dramatic events in recent years, including the Sumatra quake/Tsunami which occurred exactly 2919 days from the end of the Long Count on 12/23/2012, a mere one day off this cycle.

Of course, the Long Count doesn't really end there, not even according to the Maya themselves, as it is mathematical count of 20 Baktuns. Nevertheless, the culmination point of the 13th Baktun is considered to be a very significant point within the cycle, just as it is true for a cycle of 13 Katuns, sometimes referred to as the "short" count. Others claim that we are at the close of a 26000 year cycle, which would be roughly the length of 5 Long Counts. The Mayanism revival that has progressed the meme of 2012 actually conforms to a count which is 2 days off the one being used here. This only changes what we would call the day in the Tzolkin, so all distance numbers are the same regardless. There are many symbolic associations that come through the linking of Tzolkin day names and numbers to other occult systems when utilizing the Tzolkin placement in the Astronomical correlation. This basically means that much of the symbolic language is being missed by the adherents of the so called "true" count. In particular, I am referring to the multiplicity of 11's, its multiples, and other numbers known for their symbolic significance such as 111 and 1111, when in reality, these associations actually have mathematical relationships to the Tzolkin and its harmonic interactions with the planets of our solar system. Additionally we can see the validity of the Astronomical correlation by observing the Year Bearers of the 365 day Haab cycle to collective events synchronized through time.

Some other associations to today, 4/19/2011 # 66 1 Cimi:

  • The birth of the American Flag occurred on 6/4/1977 #196, 1 Cib, 85410 days ago. This number of days is equivalent to 234 * 365, or 585 (Venus) * 146.
  • Obama made a historic visit to Chicago last year on day 10/30/2010, # 155. Venus actually rose with the Sun in Chicago at 7:11 that day, exactly 1 day and 11 hours after conjunction of Venus . The number 155 is the sum of Obama's Tzolkin birth day 111, and the number 44, and Obama is the 44th president of the U.S. Additionally, the 7/11 Eclipse of 2010 had occurred 111 days previously. This # 155 (11) event occurred 171 days ago from today 4/19/2011. The number 171 was the day number that JFK was assassinated on 11/22/1963. Check out the this article… The Ritualization of Human Society for an interesting list of events that work around the symbolism of 117,171, 711 etc.
  • The Church of Satan was established on (Walpurgisnacht) 4/30/1966, # 21. This was 16425 days ago, or 45 Haab Cycles (365 * 45).

….to be continued