Control (A Thesis)

The Thesis.

Time is a matrix of control. Or at the very least, it can be. How you view time, think about time, and apply your time, are the primary factors that structure human society and the individual life within the collectivity. There is a cadre of human beings or perhaps other intelligent beings, who have established an influence over human civilization by manipulating the human collective experience through a ritual application of time. The methods applied utilize a symbolic language based on planetary cycles which in turn affect an individual's life and consciousness through direct and indirect influence upon their interpretation and perception of energy. The method has been applied for at least a millenia and is predictable. It employs the use of religion, mythology, science, technology, and warfare as its primary operational modalities. It also utilizes many secondary methods, such as cultural influences, political philosophies, and psychological influences of all kinds to reinforce a progressive agenda, which is leading to an increasingly homogenized utilization of energy. The version of time that you have been taught is really a program designed to siphon your energy and awareness and concentrate that power into the collective model. The methodology by which this takes place is rather ingenious in a perverted sense. It is hypnotic and even rewarding. It is dressed up as enlightenment, materialism, whatever flavor you might require for your acquiescence, but ultimately its agenda is to co-opt your awareness so that your energy can be diverted away from discovering your true nature and purpose in life, and moved toward a form of energetic slavery.

The average human will does not sustain enough energy to pierce the veil and recognize the re-direction of their individual energy into a magical model. Therefore, what is plainly recognizable to some, is invisible to many as the perception of it is not merely a question of physical sight. The human will must also have vision as it were, and nothing less than an active will is capable of sustaining such a reckoning for long. The greatest reason for this, unfortunately, is the negative connotations of the subject matter. Most do not see, but really most do not want to see. This form of energetic slavery is also a periodic harvest of blood. Hundreds of millions in the last century's wars alone. The ritual of time that structures real world events cannot simply be explained as coincidences on top of coincidences. The elaborate sophistication of this harmonic ordering and its apparent effects can create an extreme sense of vertigo for the rational mind, as the human will is intended by this 'order' to be contained by indirection and compartmentalization.

Numbers are more important than the average materialist consumer knows. And perhaps more than the richest industrialist even knows. To understand from the outset that numbers are often far more significant than any of the language being spoken is of great importance in grasping how events in time and the way we see them being manipulated before your very eyes. Numbers reveal the significance behind seemingly disassociated events and experiences that many believe to be entirely random and thus disconnected. The problems in modern society are often characterized as simply the ebb and flow of human beings working out their existence in civilization.

Indeed civilization itself is almost seen or thought of as a being, with all the requisite privileges. It makes mistakes but in the end it grows up and is responsible. It has developed naturally and has strengths and weaknesses. How could in fact it be any other way? There are simply too many of us doing to many random things for their to be any significant amount of centralized control. Or to continue with this line of thought, we might say that humans generally just wait until things get really bad before they finally do something and then we have upsets and we rebuild and it gets a little better.

All of this type of reasoning sounds very plausible and in fact it seems the most diplomatic philosophy to have in the modern age. Be open and positive, and ignore the fact that your are living in a death machine. One with very real gears which might crush you. From the food, to the medicine, to the environmental atmosphere, to the suppressed states of awareness we seem to easily recognize in others and not so much in ourselves. It is a game. And we are being played.

The concept of success by society's standard is an illusion, a handout, a compensation for following the orders of consensus agreement. These orders are laid down in what we may call the time codes. These codes are based on the harmonic intervals of planetary cycles and are ritualized and revealed through the use of harmonic modules such as the 260 day Tzolkin.

Though the 'new age' has introduced many useful techniques which may help us to unveil many truths often trumped by the modern age, we do not realize the complexity we have heretofore created through our acceptance of a society based on states of antithesis to awareness. The inertia of our acquiescence will not be transformed simply through revelatory new ideas or even sudden epiphanies of truth. New models must be tested and applied and done so in the face of overwhelming pressure to give up and return to the familiar. They must be applied without compromise to the existing authority as the authority is in essence a fraudulent, bastardization of truth. Don't worry, we all have good times. Many of us will remain completely transfixed by this paradigm, enjoying the comfort, anguishing through the sorrow, and may never have a worry about the greater questions of life. At least not consciously. That may be our lot, it may not be. But for those who feel compelled to reach beyond the familiar, we need to discern clearly the levels of operation in which we are currently being swept away. Exchanging one false paradigm for another will not subside the internal conflict that is driving us towards a greater perceptual reality.

In the cult of truth, we pay our allegiances to isms and osities. Atheism. Religiosity. Materialism, technocracy, spiritualism. We have our network of fellow 'believers' who can help us reinforce our particular ism, who can help us have an ism to covet if we don't have one already. In fact, in this society we absolutely must have some kind of conformity to something as everyone else has had to conform. No one is allowed to escape the mental prison that the consensus has determined to be necessary for survival. A useful purpose to your otherwise useless life as a resource depleting useless eater. Yes, you can be creative. But your creativity must pay the bills in pyramid paper with the all seeing eye looking out ever so watchfully upon you and your creative works. If you wanna rock, then you rock this way. If you wanna roll, then you roll with it. Diplomacy is now measured by the caliber, by the length of the barrel in this age of violence. We wonder not, why the general direction of civilization is not ascending into anything desirable, or why it seems to be an endless vigil of war and money. It is often said that human nature and in particular, greed is the cause. This catch-all philosophy refuses to peer behind the curtain at the wizard. Over stimulated on the yellow brick road, there is no desire to return to Kansas anymore and face the reality of farm life. Especially if a necessary prerequisite is to confront the inertia of the false authority that surrounds us.

Psychic interference helps create the conditions that lead to the lack of understanding, seemingly so pervasive in society. Our view of the world, is a framed view. None are truly free, as long as their freedom is dependent on the enslavement of others. Rather than this occurring overtly, as was perhaps more true in the beginnings of the modern world, it is now done through the many layers of compartmentalization, as this is required in order to satisfy the ideological nature of the modern human being, with their ideas of justice and equality for all. Having been sold your bill of goods for freedom, one does not recognize the forms of slavery that are perpetuated so that you may enjoy this supposed freedom. And, as is shown time and again, individuals will violently defend their delusional idea of freedom, even when given the opportunity to recognize its fallacy.

Many in modern society abhor any dialogue or discussion regarding the systemic problems within society. The subject will be changed when the truth is approached, as the emotional nature is often too infantile to transcend its own personal frame of reference. Indeed, everything is approached from the point of view of the personality; what is good for me and my freedom based on a myriad of contradictions. This is exactly why a society can be brought to its knees in a relatively quick time period. Reason is clouded with too much emotion to guide one intelligently towards the intuition where a more inclusive perception could manifest. Fear has taken root and now will guard the door to knowledge. It is even deemed advantageous to minimize one's knowledge and perception into the dimmest view, so that one will seem to be in line with the consensus and thus safe within its harbor of protection. The irresponsible nature of modern individuals create the very conditions of their slavery. Children are encouraged to sacrifice their inherent wisdom for irrational behaviors put before them as the proper avenues of an adult life. Without integral knowledge and understanding of the layers which attempt to suppress consciousness and its perception of a harmonic reality, the energetic reinforcement of this condition will continue, as the individual cannot perceive the reality they do not have the will to see.