Gather, Ye Wolves

The religion of christianity should atone for its sins. For that matter, judaism, islam, and all hierarchies of mankind who seek to own my creator. Who seek to define God's law by man's desire. A desire which can only truly blaspheme that which it does not understand. Turning our gaze to the vengeful wrath of God written in the book of revelation, whose demonic angels reap terror upon mankind, we see that the chosen are named and numbered. With such clear distinctions already pre-determined, how is it that man has any free will at all to sin or not to sin? It seems the book is written. The source code is programmed and set to fulfill its own prophecy regardless of what men may do. This is not my creator. This not my God of love. This book of man, contradicts itself in totality by declaring that God has made a grave mistake in the singular most important function of existence; creation.

Man tells man that God is displeased. Man tells man that the seven horned lamb brings a reign of judgement and death to the innocent. Man tells man that God sanctions his violence. Let it be clear that these hierarchies are not God or even of God. They are the phantoms of the mind, wrapped in gross forms, cloaked in creature comforts, reveling in their materiality. Even the word God is a word used by man to describe the indescribable. Their profane attempts to own what cannot be owned, to touch what cannot be touched is their ultimate doctrine of death. If there is ever true sin, it is the sin of acting out of ignorance to justify one's own existence. This attempt to justify what needs no justification and to determine a limited course by which creation unfolds for not only your own soul, but the souls of others, is the sin. Awake from your slumber.

You do know what you do, but you refuse the responsibility of your error. Your affliction is not a blessing to self or others. Your deeds do not reflect the beauty which gave you your very life. Your martyrdom is a false martyrdom as you are truly unwilling to make the ultimate sacrifice if you must use the vices of man to preserve your hierarchy of man. Your false God is the only God that blesses your blasphemy. Go hang from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Turn the other cheek. Rest in the power and the glory of the light within. The light that will truly never be destroyed by these shadows in your mind.