Rationalizing the Unthinkable

Existence. It can be a wondrous thing. There is so much potential in the process of discovering the world and in turn ourselves. Indeed, are we not all part of this vast movement of energy? We can see this totality empirically as well as abstractly. When one observes the world, what is recognized?

There have been all manner of philosophies to describe existence. In our current age, the very process of consciousness is still ill-defined, as there are so many abstractions of thought, that reason itself seems to become meaningless. In our desire to order the world and ourselves, we finally reach an entropic stage, where the snake swallows its own tail. In spite of all of our profound knowledge, humanity seems ever cursed with its inability to actualize this knowledge. Perhaps this is due to the simple fact that our language is limited in describing our individual experiences in ways that others can understand. There are billions of individuals living within human society and every one of them with their own ideas. The very structure of society seems to be a collective pretense, whereby each individual pretends and/or expects that their definitions match those of everyone else. Our agreement then simply becomes the reinforcement of illusion, and as the separation inside us reaches the breaking point, conflict becomes inevitable.

The question then becomes, how can existence truly exist as it was intended if we are all simply imagining our reality? Obviously, this is a point of contention that has long been apparent in the theologies of the world. In short, who are we? What are we? How are we to be? And perhaps the most loaded question of all: Why? Why? Why? Is there a fundamental intention, and if not, then why does existence exist at all?

The greatest failures that parade themselves as answers are the dogmatic dictates of a reason gone awry. If there truly is no separation, then surely any line of reasoning should firstly, promote the background of harmony and finding commonality with others. Do the religions of the world achieve this? In fairness, each religion does to a degree, but what is the general impression given, when religions are more like flags that are flown from warships, each ready to run theirs upon the enemy's fleet? We have the spectacle of morality to cover the true intention of many ideologies that are simply after power.

The very same model can be applied to politics and nearly all other human endeavors. The natural give and take of life everywhere, has become the idea of competition for survival. What is often unrealized in the day to day, is the value of reflection upon oneself. Humanity is looking everywhere for answers, but it cannot be denied that this tempestuous desire for exteriorization will never yield what it is that is truly sought. All human beings, as all beings, need a purpose within. A life without purpose is worse than death, as even death has a purpose. In reality, life cannot exist without purpose, and it is the right of all living beings to not only live, but to know their purpose so that the full flowering of life can be realized and experienced. In the complexity of the modern world, we have become oblivious to the obvious. This of course could be said of any time throughout the age of human civilization, but perhaps never before have we had the ability to so far remove ourselves from our point of origin.

Humanity has lost respect for itself, and this is why the fruits of our labor have become not only unsatisfying, but destructive. It seems our desire cannot be satiated, while simultaneously, we remain ignorant of our true needs. Religion, philosophy, and science often become deluded in the misconception that this is simply inherent to human nature. But what is human nature, besides a catchphrase? Clearly, political power seeks to command the flow of ideas on such matters. The halls of science and technology have little motive to explore or promote the nature of humanity as their profiteering often depends on the very destruction of human beings. If any exploration of the greater questions actually takes place, it is usually done to find some way to further disadvantage a living reality in the name of consolidation of power.

It is this model that has infected the vast majority of individuals living within the consciousness confines of our human society. The model of materialization depends upon the role of scarcity to promote abundance. There is little equilibrium under this Darwinian model, as the model is simply incorrect in describing reality. Nature does not have 'ideas', and certainly, it has no idea such as competition for survival. Nature simply is. In fact, it is clear that the natural world operates in an ecstatic dance of synchronicity and resonance, and that the living beings truly in accord with it, have no internal conflict. The very word competition implies conflict, so clearly, the might is right model must be discarded before truth can actually manifest, as human beings are not separate from nature, we just 'think' we are.

In as much as the world as been revalued on the basis of money, we can see the inevitability of our self-destruction, because such an exchange is the very tool of separation. The oxymoronic notion of monetary principle can never achieve equilibrium, as the entire concept of money was derived and implemented to achieve the very opposite result. The middle class or working class collectivities of human beings, have for the most part, failed to recognize this simple truth. In as much as we have divested ourselves from nature, we are simply destroying ourselves. What could be more obvious? And now, that our reasons have run amuck, we can't even see a way out of the maze of our own doing. The house of cards has become our rock of ages, and what is worse than this exchange occurring in our minds, is that we are making it real by degrading the very resources of life itself, the very nature of which we are part and hence on which we truly depend.

Of course this has all been said before. Ad infinitem. For whatever reason, such truth remains obscured by the cloud of personal ambition seeking to buffer the unforgiving world. Nature is the enemy in our hearts. We pay plenty of lip service to the idea that we love and support nature by using cloth bags, and planting a tree now and then, but we don't really feel it. It is simply more of the collective agreement that wishes to seem 'natural'. We do not see ourselves and nature as one, or at least we don't recognize this fact above even the most ridiculous notions of our comfort and security. Our morality has become a plague of hypocrisy, used as a weapon to destroy the enemy. And the enemy is simply whoever it needs to be at any given time, to most conclusively reinforce our delusions.

Which brings me to the point of this document, which in one respect, is to show the fallacy of reason. The die has been cast, but it has been cast from quite simply, a model which is untrue. The lives of the vast majority of human beings are geared for reaction to external stimuli. This is done, by shutting out the consciousness in favor of a complex web of intellect and emotion, both maligned in a myriad of justification for actions which the individual did not conceive. Our lives are reinforcing a set of ideas, which we do not even comprehend. Even worse than this, is the fact that many actually fear reaching the foundations, to discover and comprehend the truth within ourselves, because as we do this, the world outside of us, seems to turn against us. We become outcasts simply by being ourselves. Why is this so? Because society depends on conformity to an illusion. Without this basic malfunction, this society would collapse, as its foundations are not in accord with the nature of reality. As all energy is movement, one could say that despite all of the self-congratulatory themes we credit society with achieving, society is actually moving towards disintegration.

Perpetual warfare, scarcity, fear. These are the true levers of the machine of society as it attempts to crush the human spirit. The reason that good still does exist within each of us and society at large is not owing to the qualities of our collective agreement, but rather to the individual truth within, that we all equally recognize. It is difficult for the matrix of illusion to function in a state of total warfare to achieve the subjugation of your consciousness, which is why such processes of destruction are ritualized and deemed to be necessary in the ebb and flow of human life by the managers of human thought. Again, we can reference virtually any officiating element of society to see the gross imperfections and total malignment of basic truth. Love and compassion need no justification however, and though at times, these principles demand the self-sacrifice of our external pleasures and perhaps our very physicality, the timelessness of these truths is self-evident.

What is not self-evident needs endless reasoning and constant repackaging to provide the illusion of value. Perhaps this is why consumerism has become the mainstay of human activity, as it can always find a new avenue of approach in imitating reality, while providing a tangibility to our internally void lives. The more this void exists within, the higher the tower must be built to serve as the replacement. Looking about the material world, we can see many marvels of ingenuity and engineering, but they are truly perverted in as much as their foundations are rooted in the compost of corporatization and the destruction of nature.

Currently, the governments of the world are in a state of collapse, but this is not due to our lack of effort. The working people of the world have indeed sacrificed nearly everything for the perpetuation of society, seemingly to no avail. In fact, these sacrifices have put us in grave danger, as now the world can be obliterated with the push of a button by the agents of chaos, who themselves have no true sovereignty. As we watch our governments become slaves to the corporate agenda, we must recognize that it is us that are truly the slaves. This being so, because government is simply a buffer that people have created to deal with each other in the context of a grand illusion.

It is in fact worse than this, because as will be demonstrated, none of this is accidental. It is completely by design, though not nature's design. What is a corporation? Ask yourself, does it enshrine the quality of being human. It should be more than obvious that the corporate philosophy, for lack of a better term, is anti-philosophy. The corporate model needs no philosophy as it only seeks the consolidation of power and energy, and anything that stands in the way must be assimilated or destroyed. The bright side to this is that a corporation, unlike a human, is inherently weak as it is simply a tool of enslavement. It has no true authority or power unto itself, despite external appearances. The corporate entity is in fact simply a slave to a greater power that it cannot control nor even comprehend, and it is this power, that is at war with humanity and the natural world in general. The war is waged primarily in the mind. Human beings relinquish their sovereignty to it and cease to recognize their inherent truth. The question is, what is this force that parasitically utilizes human energy to turn it against itself and in turn, the natural world?

Throughout history, humankind has struggled with the shadows of such a power. Even the most eloquent analysis, casts but a shadow of the truth, as reason alone is not enough to describe the indescribable. Nor is reason alone utilized to subvert the human spirit. This is why the realm of ideas cannot bridge the gap in seeing what confronts us. We have had plenty of ideas, including obscure ones, to try and enlighten us as to our true charges; alternative views of history, the unmasking of societal conspiracy, the wonders of technology that allow us to communicate more effectively, the enlightenment of the new age, and yet all seem to ultimately fail at inspiring us to reach a point of departure from the grand illusion. The inertia of time itself further embeds the false modalities of living, and it is here that our first clue emerges.

Time is often overlooked by the consciousness as having any significant relevance, due to our complete immersion within it. Humanity operates on a seemingly neutral model of time, that is created for the convenience of organizing our complex processes into workable realities. The invention of modern day calendrics has made possible the very construct of modern day society, and this is generally perceived as being good. But virtually anyone in modern day society, struggles with time constantly, and this struggle goes on beneath the surface of consciousness almost completely unrecognized. When it is recognized, it is generally avoided, or the view is simply that we need more time. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that this struggle with time has become our very perception of time, and hence it is invisible to us.

Probably everyone has had experiences outside of time, where the world stopped, and an overwhelming feeling of wholeness flooded our consciousness. Perhaps it seemed the world within and without were entirely the same and hence there was no need for a mechanical construct of time. Of course, this enhanced perception is simply our natural state, but in the maligned definitions of such an experience, so-called reality comes creeping back in, and such a state disappears as suddenly as it began, to then be deemed an hallucination. Unfortunately, this natural state is the exception to the rule of the typical consciousness chained by the modern day society to the realm of ideas. True perception is deemed insanity by the slaves of society, who now identify themselves as the products of their very own enslavement. For these static definitions, we trade our very essence. An essence that was never meant to be contained, at least not by that which created you. If this were so, then what we call heightened experiences of awareness would not even be possible, and the fact that they exist, only reveals that we are living in a suppressed state of consciousness the majority of the false time we have constructed.

The linear model of modern time under which the majority of humanity operates, obliterates a resonant perception with other forms of life, including with those of our fellow human beings. It is anything but neutral, as it purposefully obscures the timeless perception of reality and the cyclical processes of nature. The thought processes in the realm of human experience have now been contained or even created by this construct, and so the first layer has been placed over the perceptual capability of the human mind. Under this layer, reality is maligned and in fact cannot truly be understood. We have come so far down the road of a limited and false perception, that we have forgotten how to turn around and get back to the crossroads where we can orient ourselves. The corporatized consciousness has lost all awareness that such a crossroads even exists, and so the only way to go is in the same direction, regardless of how obvious the destructive consequences may be.

Reason it seems has become unreasonable, as it vainly attempts to commandeer reality. Humanity does not see humanity. A human being sees themselves isolated and surrounded by a throbbing mass of other human beings. A human being does not see the world. They think the world. Reason has failed. In fact it is reason that is used to justify all manner of ills perpetrated on a collectivity of living beings. If those beings could truly perceive, then they would not be thinking their insanity is reality.

What must it take for us to abandon the heights of reason, which has seemingly benefited us in a myriad of ways? Must we reach the point of total annihilation before we realize that we have stuck our head in the tiger's mouth? Will we justify the bite as a 'love' bite as the teeth begin to sink in? In the modern world, the level of self-gratification that is consumed daily has become anethema to our survival. Even if we are to claim the power and benefit of reason, few have any true ontological knowledge, as most of us our simply mimicking others in our responses to life. This accelerates the process of separation, and increases the potential for conflict. As the machine age stretches through our time from horizon to horizon, we claim our specialty and sit down to watch the surrounding spectacle. By leaving it to the experts, we have abdicated our sovereignty to a false authority through an uninformed consent. Anyone with the attention to notice, can see that human beings have reached new lows in their ability to justify the destruction of others for their own personal benefit. In reality, this is a form of self murder, but could only be recognized as such by those who can truly perceive the connectedness of all forms of energy. For others, deception has become an art form in the age of reason, and the living are now the living dead, to be plundered mercilessly as they have consented to the ritual of time.

Ritual. It is a word with strong connotations. In the modern vernacular, it has a negative meaning, as we typically don't see ourselves involved in a ritual and hence it probably isn't benefiting us. This is an accurate assessment in regards to the lack of benefit, but in reality, virtually everyone within the construct of human society, is engaged in a ritual unwittingly, and this has been the case since the beginning of our so-called era of civilization. This ritual requires an extreme infusion of energy at regular intervals. It utilizes this energy to manifest realities beyond what the human imagination can comprehend. In regards to the living beings on this planet, it requires their blood, sweat, and tears. It is sophisticated in mind-bending ways. It hides under a cloak of invisibility, while it permeates everything. The ritual's main method of interaction with living beings is through time and particularly through the control of the perception of time and thus the control of perception.

Human beings are unique on this planet. We are the highest expression of this being we call earth. We are meant to be the stewards that nurture and provide for the whole, to create harmony. We have endless capabilities in this regard, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our reward is to discover that all of these qualities within us are truly unified and not separate, nor are they separate from the natural world. Our stewardship is the gift we have been given, to help nurture the particulars of our evolution, which is inexplicably tied to the evolution of the whole. Somehow, along the way, we became the parasites. A seed of doubt was planted that gave birth to our fear. The very being on which we live, became our destroyer as we began to define life through the lens of a purely material existence. Throughout our lives, we gaze through this lens of death, unable to reconcile ourselves with the situation. We then formulated reason to help explain it all, but the reason only reinforces our fear. The gift of life has become the fear for survival. The seed was sown by that which wars with humanity. That which gave birth to the ritual of time has seduced humanity to be the willing sacrifice in this all pervasive conditioning that few individuals are even conscious of. Until the individual awakens their consciousness, their consent will remain secured in the unconscious responses to stimuli that they have been convinced to accept as the be all, end all of their reality.

If we stop to consider the power a model of time has in influencing human affairs, we quickly realize how little could escape such an influence. In the age of reason, linear time is the cornerstone of our entire civilization. Everything is placed upon the scale of past and future and the "now" simply falls between these two points. Even money is simply a by-product of this time construct, as its origins are derived from the ability to divide and create time, and hence create something that really isn't there. The first bankers took advantage of the fact that the depositors would not all return at the same time for their real world money, and so an artificial surplus could be created and loaned to others as supposedly real world money. In the so-called 21st century abstraction of time, the extension of this model has succeeded in bankrupting the entire culture of humanity, save for the money lenders themselves and to a lesser degree, those whom serve their interest.

Ancient civilizations had their own reckoning of time, but this was based on the cycles of nature, both earth and sky. This cyclical view of reality became the foundation of these civilizations, and the exchange between humankind and the natural world was direct and thus far more equal. The ability to exploit nature was simply not advantageous as these cultures recognized that they were but a part of the give and take of nature. A sense of respect permeated their reality and the concept of exploitation in the name of rational self interest was simply unthinkable, as these cultures did not see themselves as isolated entities in a hostile world. Modern man can scarcely comeprehend the level of perception available to these cultures, as the machine age has all but erased such perception as irrational and thus unreal. We trod merrily along, attempting to fill the great void within us, while we downplay the significance of ancient humankind as being somehow inferior. Perhaps it is the other way round. In the modern age of disease, both mental and physical, it is not hard to draw a correlation between the toxicity of the industrial age and the erosion of valuable traditions.