Time Trance

(The Trinity of Time)


According to the Astronomical correlation (584285) of the Mayan Long Count to the Gregorian calendar…

Obama was born on on Tzolkin day #111, as was the United States.

He is the 44th President.

The summer solar eclipse of 2010 occurred on 7/11/2010 on day #44 in the Tzolkin.

The last Inferior Conjunction of Venus occurred on 10/29/2010 at 1:10 UTC. 10/29 is also 111.

Obama visited Chicago the following day, 10/30/2010, and delivered a campaign speech for the 2010 election of the 112th Congress.

This day, 10/30/2010, was day # 155 in the Tzolkin and was 111 days after the eclipse on 7/11. (111+44=155)

Venus and the Sun rose together in Chicago that morning at 7:11 CDT, exactly 1 day, 11 hours, and 1 minute after the conjunction of Venus.

Venus was actually at 4 Sco 37' 03" at this time with the sun just below the horizon and close behind at 6 Sco 57' 52". Thus, Venus moved 2 degrees and 20 minutes in the 1 day, 11, hours, and 1 minute since the time of its inferior conjunction with the Sun. Plus an additional 49 seconds, which was Obama's age on the day in question. Venus was Retrograde during this particular conjunction, which explains why it is 2 degrees behind the Sun’s position.

The Mayan Tzolkin can be correlated to Zodiac degrees by utilizing the simple mathematical formula: 260*360=93600 (Tzolkin x Zodiac or Time x Space). 93600 is not only the number of days in the "Count of Katuns", it is the number of seconds per day in the Day Synchronometer, which are actually called Tzolkin or t-seconds as they are 12/13ths of a second. This transforms 86400 metric seconds into 93600 t-seconds, which allows for the divisibility of the day by 13 and its multiples, including the Mayan 260 day Tzolkin. If we were to divide the day into 360 equal degrees, we would advance 1 degree every 260 t-seconds. Alternatively, if we were to divide the day into 260 equal parts or Kin, we would advance one of 260 kin every 360 t-seconds. Thus, the actual points of zodiac degree change against the Tzolkin can be confirmed by observing the t-sec value at each interval. I've taken the liberty of mapping it for you here… 260360map.pdf.

The image below shows the astrological positions on 10/30/2010 in Chicago, with Venus rising at 7:11am.


The table of Tzolkin and Zodiac correspondences shows that the degree in which Venus was located at the time of Obama's visit to Chicago, 4 Sco 37', was correspondent to the Tzolkin day number for that very day, # 155 or 12 Men. (I dedicate in order to create). 10/30/2010 was also the 303rd day of the year.

The 365 calendar year and the Tzolkin take 52 years to align. Venus completes its revolution around the Zodiac on average, every 584 days, and so having Venus in the same degree that actually corresponded to the Tzolkin number for that very day, would not have occurred for well, a very long time. Add to that, a Venus inferior conjunction and a solar eclipse intricately linked together with Tzolkin and Gregorian day numbers, and even harmonic associations to the number of hours and minutes and heliacal risings of planets, etc., and this cycle would be immense.

The value of understanding the interaction of the Zodiac and the Tzolkin in the context of synchronized or ritualized events, cannot be over-emphasized, and these associations would be amazing unto themselves, but it doesn't really end there, nor did it begin there.

Obama made his first trip in the year 2010 to Boston on 1/17. Boston (2+6+1+2+6+5=22). The number 117 is a calculational cycle of Mercury, and one of twenty, 13 or "Cosmic" days in the Tzolkin, specifically, 13 Caban or Cosmic Earth (I endure in order to evolve). The continual association of this number and its transpositions, 711 and 171 continue to crop up around him for the entire year, and well into 2011 and beyond. As an example, this day, 1/17/2010 was also 1071 days from the end of the Long Count on 12/23/2012 and 199 days from Obama’s 49th Birthday on 8/4/2010. 911 occurred on day #199 in the Tzolkin.

Kennedy was assassinated on day # 171 in the Mayan Tzolkin.

On 11/7, 44 days before the Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse on 12/21/2010, the 44th President made an historic diplomatic trip to India. This was 71 days before the 1 year anniversary of his trip to Boston on 1/17. Here are some more facts surrounding this trip…

  • Barack Hussein Obama visited the very site of the Mumbai attacks on 11/7 in the year 2010, 711 days from the date of the attacks themselves.
  • This day was also 7110 days from the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

We can see the complex associations to India and her people manifesting through the same numbers that have highlighted Obama’s experience throughout the year, and these symbolic associations resonate much further…

  • 11/07/2010 was also 70101 days from the founding of the State of Illinois, where Obama began his political career.
  • 11/7/2010 was also 777 days from the end of the Mayan Long Count according to the astronomical correlation (584285) to the Gregorian calendar.
  • On the day 1/1/11, Obama had been in office 711 days.
  • Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on 10/9/2009 (111), 1171 days before the end of the Long Count on 12/23/2012.
  • His first Presidential trip in 2010 was to Boston on 1/17 and this day was 1071 days from the end of the Long Count on 12/23/2012.
  • The deficit for the U.S. 2010 budget was 1.171 trillion dollars.
  • At the close of this current Tzolkin cycle on day #260, 2/12/2011, 117 * 7.11 days had passed since the death of Barack Obama's grandmother, who passed away a mere 2 days before his election as U.S. President. And on this day Obama himself was 819 * 22 + 71 days old. The 819 or Storm Cycle is the equivalent of Mars + Cosmic Storm (780 + 39).

Stormy Weather Ahead


A further exploration of the 819 count shows that this Storm cycle is integral to the layered symbolism weaving in and out of events, as it attunes many planetary cycles to the Tzolkin. Six of these Storm cycles is equivalent to 13 Saturn synodic periods (819*6=378*13). Nineteen of these cycles is equivalent to 39 Jupiter synodic periods (819*19=399*39). The 19 or Storm number relates to Lucifer as well…19/5=3.8, 19+19=38.

What does it say that the Thule Society and the Mossad were both founded on the same Tzolkin day, #19? And that they were established exactly 44 Tzolkins apart, which is just 2 Tzolkins less than a Triple Tritos or Maya Eclipse cycle? This eclipse cycle of 405 Lunations, is the 19th in the catalog of known eclipse cycles.

LC num. 260 Day Name Haab Gregorian Event
1837539 #19 6 Cauac 12 Xul 8/18/1918 Thule Society est. (Bavaria)
1848979 #19 6 Cauac 17 Ceh 12/13/1949 Mossad est.
  • 1848979-1837539 = 11440 * 11440 + 520 (260*2) =11960 * 11960-11959.89 = .11
# Eclipse Cycle Saros/Inex Lunations Eclipse Seasons Period (days)
19 Triple Tritos (Fox, Maya, Maya Eclipse) 3 I-3 S 405 69 11959.890

The direct correlation of these two agencies to the number 19, and to the 19th eclipse cycle, which is the same eclipse cycle the Maya used at Copan (22) to track the moon, is indeed profound. Both of these entities have direct ties to the meme of Holocaust, in fact, they are diametrically opposed in the ritual of war, as the Thule Society nurtured the roots of Nazism and served as the ideological foundation for the racial identity complex that led to the Jewish holocaust. Zionism, and by extension, the Mossad that represents the extremity of reaction against Nazism, utilizes the exact same model of racial identity at the foundation of its ideological justifications for conflict. Both of these philosophies hinge on the belief of aggressive violence for survival. There is perhaps a level above this dichotomy, where the very roots of the conflict, seem to be a well crafted spell, where no amount of reason can seem to reconcile the emotional fervor generated by the scars of history. An examination of the symbolic themes put before humanity, seems to suggest that these opposing factions are really just two sides of the same coin, and that their conflict is for the sake of conflict itself. A Hegelian dialectical model of Problem/Reaction/Solution, utilized to guide humanity, through engineered responses to ritualized events.


Motto of the Mossad: “By way of deception, thou shall do war.”

As the Hebrew letter Aleph is symbolically associated with the number 111, which represents the idea of the Triad as Monad, perhaps it is not surprising to see the overlay of time reflect these same numbers. The Mayan Tzolkin reveals the way in which these numbers are actually associated to the harmonic dance of planets and the cycles of nature in general, and also the cycles of catastrophe, such as Fukishima Quake/Tsunami/Meltdown occurring 1 month and 11 days before “Earth Day" in 2011.

In the Hebrew system of Gemratria 111 is indeed a magical number. The Gematria value of the word Aleph is 111. In the Qabalah, Aleph is is associated with the 11th path on the Tree of Life. The Qabalah is also known as the Tree of Life, and is formulated through the Geometry of four superimposed spheres. Within this arrangement are ten Emanations, called Sephiroth, plus an additional hidden Sephiroth called Daath, These Emanations are conjoined by 22 paths. Thus, there are a total of 33 paths in the Qabalah. The sixth Sephiroth and sixth path is called Tiphareth and this represents essentially the center of the Tree of Life, the human being balanced between heaven and earth. Tiphareth is the Sephiroth of the Sun, and is also associated with the Son, in the sense of an enlightened “Christ” consciousness, or way of being that is the true expression of the human being. Obviously, 111*6 is 666.

1 35 34 3 32 6
30 8 28 27 11 7
24 23 15 16 14 19
13 17 21 22 20 18
12 26 9 10 29 25
31 2 4 33 5 36

The magick square above, attributed to the Sun, is a 6*6 matrix, where every row and column adds to 111.

Life, Death, Rebirth…and the Trinity as 111

Revelation 1:11 - I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last…


The concept of the Trinity and its references in both modern and ancient culture are extensive. It is a symbol connected to our first foray into the nuclear age in an ultimate perversion of power, as the world’s first nuclear detonation occurred at the “Trinity Site” outside Alamogordo, New Mexico. In the context of mythology and religion, the meme of Triad as Monad is at the foundation of nearly all well known religious and cultural philosophies. Some of these include:

Egypt, with Osiris, Isis, Horus. Ancient Greece with Zeus, Athena, and Apollo. The Father, Son, Holy Ghost of Christianity. The Vedic conception of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

A wikipedia page entry for triple deity states:

"The Olympian demiurgic triad in platonic philosophy, made up of Zeus (considered the Zeus [king of the gods] of the Heavens), Poseidon (Zeus of the seas), and Pluto/Hades (Zeus of the underworld), all considered in the end to be a monad and the same Zeus, and the Titanic demiurgic triad of Helios (sun when in the sky), Apollo (sun seen in our world) and Dionysus (god of mysteries, "sun" of the underworld) (see Phaed in Dionysus and the Titans)."

Further on, the entry includes:

"The Fates, Moirae or Furies in Greek and Roman mythology: Clotho or Nona the Spinner, Lachesis or Decima the Weaver, and Atropos or Morta the Cutter of the Threads of Life. One's Lifeline was Spun by Clotho, Woven into the tapestry of Life by Lachesis, and the thread Cut by Atropos."

In Morta, the Cutter of the Threads of Life, we can see a clear etymological association to the Spanish word for death; muerta, highlighting how even language is derivative of myth. The many triadic arrangements thus show us how important the concept of the Trinity is to nearly all civilized cultures.

Diana in the leavës green, Luna that so bright doth sheen, Persephone in Hell. -Skelton


There are actually 13 Lunations in a solar year, and the moon is also associated with the trinity (111) through the myth of the triple Moon Goddess. Diana of Earth, Luna, or Phoebe of the Moon, and Hecate or Persephone in hell. The Triple Goddess is typically referenced as Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Thus the Trinity, represented in Hebrew Gematria by the number 111, and through the religious iconography of many cultures to the Heavens and Earth, and the cycles of nature, is further emphasized by the repeated symbolic references to it in not only the Mayan matrix of time, but also in the memes of modern culture.

The clear solar references highlight the obvious connections to the power behind the cult of the Sun, whose suppression of the Lunar or Goddess cults of previous ages has completely transformed the nature of human society, and this analysis is generally agreed upon. What is often left unsaid is just how natural or evolutionary this separation was. There is an inherent fear of earth wisdom embedded in this allegiance to our technological, solar driven approach. Rationality and order has replaced the intuitive “chaos” of previous ages. The number 13 is even demonized in modern culture as to have horrific themes associated it, though it is this number that best synchronizes the movements of the Triad of Sun, Moon, and Earth.

By using the the Pythagorean Theorem of the 3,4,5, triangle to determine a perfect square, we can see how the power of the sacred could be made manifest, and tangible. The number 345 is 234+111, and so even in the simple act of establishing a square foundation, we can see how this symbol of Triad as Monad is not just an abstract theory disconnected from the real world. Consider the fact the Obama and the U.S. were born on Tzolkin day #111 and that the United States is currently 234 years old.


The overwhelming multiplicity of the expression of certain symbols (World War 111) is largely lost on the vast collectivity that has built their entire foundation of life upon them. As we observe the ritualized nature of collective turning points, the idea that they are the result of an accidental or random nature, becomes untenable. Conscious choice is hijacked through the mesmerizing suppression of the true nature of reality, while individual purpose gives its allegiance unwittingly to that which has always been “real”.

Hidden behind symbolic layers, the actual intent of this architecture remains obscured in the constant outflows of emotional reaction. At the base of the pyramid, everything is vague and accidental. At the apex everything is a precise and perfect execution. Thus, ignorance is the most promoted element in modern society, for it ensures that the normal “base” of operations continues its function without knowledge; the knowledge that would disrupt the willingness to accept the necessary sacrifices commanded by the dictates of the vast ritual of society. If human society were in true harmony with nature, human beings would not be oblivious to, and supportive of the inherent disharmonic “ways of life” that are essentially destructive to nature, and by extension, to themselves.

38 - 12 Etznab (Crystal Mirror or Crystal Ball?)


Returning for a moment to the Storm symbolism of the 19, we can see how directly it can be connected to our manifest experiences. The Nazi’s made no attempt to hide such symbolic allegiances, by utilizing the very imagery to describe their death squads of “Storm” troopers. This particular terminology is even a key element in the film Star Wars, showing that media is the primary vehicle for transporting these symbols into the minds of the individuals that make up human society. Consider that the film maker George Lucas’ first major motion picture was called THX -1138. The budget for the film was 777,777.77 because this was the lucky number of the producer, Francis Ford Coppola. Obviously the name Lucas relates to Lucifer, as does the word “Lucky”… George = (7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39, or Cosmic Storm) Lucas (3+3+3+1+1 = 11), or another way of viewing it…3+3+3 = 9 and 11.

Lucky Seven (3+3+3+2+7 + 1+5+4+5+5 = 38)


As both the Mossad and the Thule Society were both founded on day # 19, 6 Cauac, or Rhythmic Storm, we can see that together they are represented by the number 38.
19+19 = 38.

The number 38 is the number of the word Lucifer, (3+3+3+9+6+5+9 = 38)

Lucifer is the Latin word for “morning star” or “light bearer”. The Morning Star has long been used to describe Venus, as it becomes the brightest object visible in the early eastern sky after inferior conjunction. The Maya viewed the inferior conjunction as inauspicious for the Tzolkin sign on which it rose. They avoided direct observation at the time of its first appearance, to offset any malevolent influences. It is claimed that ancient civilizations viewed the inferior Planet as inauspicious due to the fact that it could only be seen low in the sky around sunset or sunrise times, and thus it was associated with the underworld.

The number 38 is also the number of the name APOLLYON (1+6+3+3+7+6+5=38). Apollyon is named as the Angel of the Bottomless Pit and the King of the Locust Army unleashed upon the unjust, in Revelation 9:11. The name of the author of the Book of Revelation himself, St. John, also transposes to 38.

Revelation 9:11 - And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.

The Greek God Apollo is the God of Light, just as Lucifer is the “Light Bearer”.

From wikipedia:

“The 38 figures eminently in Norse Mythology, sagas are divided into 38 chapters, with heroes fighting mythological monsters in groups of 38. In Norse mythology, the number 38 represents unnatural bravery. Norse sagas were also divided into 38 chapters, and the number often recurred throughout stories, with the heroes combating giants or other beasts in groups of 38.”

The number 38 is also associated with the Dog-Headed Egyptian God of the Dead and embalming, Anubis, who mummified Osiris, the first mummy. The soul of Osiris, then, in turn became the God of the underworld. According to the wikipedia entry for the number 38, the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs were adorned with 38 ankhs, and buried with 38 statues of cat guardians. We can see the number symbolism inherent in the Mayan cosmology directly associated with Anubis, by observing the relationship of the number 19 and the number 111. The sum of these two numbers is 130, which is 13 Oc, or Cosmic Dog, the Mayan God of the Underworld. Anubis is actually not really a jackal, as many original and modern interpretations agree that Anubis is and was always a black headed dog.


That these 2 numbers connect Anubis and Oc directly is self-evident. The second multiple of 19 and 111 produce the sum of 260 (38+222). The number 38 further relates to the number 111 in that 111+38 = 149, and 149+111 = 260. The Dog tribe of the Maya is #10 of 20 tribes. Cosmic Dog or 13 Oc, represented by the number 130, is also ½ o the 260 day Tzolkin.

The Tzolkin can be further related to the Phi harmonic ratio via the number 38: 11*38/260 = 1.6076…a close approximation.

Other 38 Correspondences:

The .38 caliber is the world’s most popular handgun cartridge, introduced 111 years ago in the year 1899. The AK-47 is the world’s most popular assault rifle. A is 1, K is 11, so AK-47 can be transposed numerically to 111-11.

There are 38 slots on an American Roulette wheel (1-36, 0 and 00), and Washington D.C. sits at the 38th parallel. So perhaps it is not surprising that the word “Pentagon” also transposes to 38. There are five U.S. states whose name has this number:

1. Florida (6+3+6+9+9+4+1=38)
2. Louisiana (3+6+3+9+1+9+1+5+1=38)
3. Colorado (3+6+3+6+9+4+6=38)
4. Oregon (6+9+5+7+6+5=38)
5. Minnesota (4+9+5+5+5+1+6+2+1=38)

Some other 38th parallel locations include the San Francisco Bay Area; St. Genevieve, Missouri (New Madrid); Athens, Greece; Tabriz, Iran; and Sendai (Fukushima), Japan. The 38th parallel (north) is also represents the line of demarcation between North and South Korea and because of this, is perhaps most commonly associated with the Korean War. The sum of 38 and 222 is 260. This pairing is seen being ritualized in the icons and events of modern day society.

  • Obama 111 + U.S. 111 = 222
  • The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, was born on the Tzolkin day #222.
  • Deepwater Horizon occurred on Tzolkin day #222.
  • 38 Days after the Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse day of 12/21/2010, the great civil unrest in Egypt began and has since become an international crisis.
  • The 112th U.S. congress began their first session on Tzolkin day #222 with an historic reading of the U.S. Constitution on the House Floor. This was 38 days from the end of the Tzolkin round on 2/12/2011, or day #260. Gabrielle Giffords (#221) opened this event by reading the 1st Amendment. As she was born on #221 (Cosmic Dragon), her Tzolkin Birthday had occurred the day before. Three days later on day #225 (225 is the Venus Sidereal Period), Giffords was shot point blank in the head, by Jareed Lee (33) Loughner (#130).

Both Giffords and Loughner were born on 13 or Cosmic Day signs. 221 is Cosmic Dragon. 130 is Cosmic Dog, Lord of the Underworld. At the close of the round on day #260, Loughner was exactly 819 * 10 or 8190 days old, showing the integration of the Storm count once again.

Royal Endeavour

On 4/29/2011 the British Royal Wedding took place. This same day was originally to be the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The Shuttle Commander of this Mission will be Gabrielle Giffords husband Mark E. Kelley,

The original day of the launch (now delayed), 4/29/2011, Royal Wedding day, was 111 days from the Tucson shooting, which targeted Giffords. Kelley has an identical twin brother who is also an astronaut and who commanded the 26th expedition to the ISS (9+1+1). The space shuttle mission previous to the Endeavor’s final launch on 4/29/2011, was Discovery’s 39th (Cosmic Storm) and final mission.


Space Exploration is as ritualized as warfare and a close examination of the subject will show it being tethered to the idealism of the modern human being in fascinating and disturbing ways. In fact there is little separation of this subject to other significant events, it is simply another layer intertwined within the harmonics of time. To date there have been only 3 deaths in actual space, and these occurred upon detachment of the world’s first Space Station crew from the world’s first space station, Salyut 1. One of these crew-members, Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev, had just celebrated his 38th birthday onboard the Salyut 1, 11 days before the fateful day of this disaster.


Apollo 11 was the only mission in the history of humanity to attempt to set foot on another planetary body. NASA itself was largely built upon the talent of Nazi scientists, imported during Operation Paperclip, a program that also helped to formulate the U.S. intelligence apparatus. Allied pilots describe aerial encounters with “foo” (666) fighters over Germany, which were flying discs that resemble UFOs, thus the NAZI connection to UFOs even precedes the NAZI connections to NASA. The Roswell event on the 33rd parallel in 1947 coincided with the very timelines of Operation Paperclip and 22 years later, the Apollo 11 program came to fruition.

Both in popular culture and in the underground, alternative media, the theme of “Contact” has commanded a vast audience. But few seem to have thoroughly explored the symbolism behind this subject. Doing so reveals an intimate link to historical events and the mythos of civilization. As always it is hidden plain sight, while the consensus pines for a Star Trek future, or an escape to a better world, or waits in dread for an Alien Invasion, or waits in hope for the good aliens. But what about the fact that both the UFO phenomenon and human spaceflight are rooted in the very intelligentsia that itself was developed by the creators of the Holocaust? When we take into account the myriad connections above, a picture of total control is suggested; an architecture that ironically could not be human or at least not typically so. As time is the primary vehicle for commanding human society, something operating outside of, or with the ability to manipulate the totality of the 4th dimension is one possible explanation. Perhaps the aliens would be better described as “entities”, not traveling at light speed to find us in the vastness of the universe, but right next door, in a neighboring dimension, or even right here, operating with a subtler form of energy.

How to address the question of “what is real?” This process is easily corrupted, so in taking all of this information into account, it can be good to tread lightly. Not out of fear of provoking some reaction, but in the sense of realizing how little is actually known within the confines of an engineered reality. It sounds crazy and it most definitely should, because if it doesn’t sound crazy, then it is probably not even close to being real. Easy answers are meaningless in finding meaningful resolution, but the gist is that we are all connected. The so-called modern world acts more like a remnant of what was, employing archaic thought processes to build a spaceship. The mainstream culture is, in a word, ridiculous. That people are encouraged to structure their lives around this fantasy is unfortunate. But ultimately everyone feels that negative experiences are to be avoided and some kind of community is good. We need community, because the human being and the human community are connected to all other forms of life energetically. It would behoove us then to understand how this basic core desire of the human being has been corrupted into a senseless materiality that is literally feeding the monsters. “Got Mine” is the latest cultural junk trotted out to sell the last vestiges of American culture, as it is now a credit death spiral.
Meanwhile the breakaway culture that has aligned themselves with some malevolent entity is whistling in the dark, perhaps in awe of their surroundings, so far beyond what the average everyday human consciousness understands, and seemingly protected by their willingness to help with the harvest of human energy. No fanciful description can truly do justice to what we are dealing with.

The “death” culture is truly connected to these mythological beings who represent death, life, and rebirth. Human culture is being ritualized through events in time, to create a reaction, whereby the energy of that reaction can be utilized. Thinking oneself outside of its influence does not make it so. The Trinity of time, 111, is the stitch that begins to weave everything together, and show that there is something more than just bad people vs. good people, going on. It reveals how an entire society can be ritualized over an immense period of time. The roots of civilization are reflecting in our very real modern day experiences. If reality is what we think, then let us have better thoughts.

No amount of personal salvation or enlightenment can justify the daily practice of this destruction that is tolerated by a sleeping majority. Ignorance is the primary weapon of this breakaway civilization on the emotionally hypnotized masses. Countless languages are lost in the homogenization of human culture. The machine is working overtime, so we are working overtime. Under such a model, there is no time for reflection to contemplate the mystery and wonder of this gift of life or to honor the traditions of our ancestors who lived much closer to their means in relative harmony with nature. The engineers of human society have chosen that humanity shall now live in total acquiescence to a structure that they cannot control, a structure that ultimately finds them expendable. Moreover, this architecture isn’t asking. It is taking liberties with the very lives of humanity and the countless other species eradicated daily, in this wanton destruction that manifests as a result of this mass hypnosis of humankind. Meanwhile, it is called evolution.

Not So Random Associations

Prince William married Kate Middleton on 4/29/2011, which was Tzolkin day # 76, 11 Cib, Spectral Warrior. On this day the Prince (7+9+9+5+3+5=38), was 666*16-197 days old, which is significant as #197 is the Tzolkin day of his birth. Kate Middleton was born on 1/09/1982, Tzolkin day # 34, 8 Ix, Galactic Wizard. This was also the Tzolkin day on 7/7/2005 (777), the day of the London Train Bombings, at which time Kate Middleton was exactly 33 Tzolkins old, 33*260=8580 days. If we multiply the Vague or Calendar year of 365 by the moon’s synodic period of 29.53059 and then subtract the Tzolkin day # 76, which is the day of the wedding, we will reach Kate Middleton’s exact age of 10702 days on the day of the wedding 4/29/2011. (365 * 29.53059 – 76 = 10702.66535 days).

This expression: 365 * 29 + 117 (13 Caban, Cosmic Earth), also produces the same number, 10702.

April transposes to 11, 1+7+9+9+3 = 29/11, so the date of the wedding is actually 29/29/2011, or another 1111.

The wedding took place 52 days after the date 3/8/2011. The number 52 is 1/5 of the Tzolkin and is 13 Eb, or Cosmic Human. The number 52 is also the Tzolkin day # for the current Year Bearer in the Mayan Haab Calendar of 365 days.

The 111 the Congress ended 1 mercury cycle of 116 days prior the 4/29/2011 Royal wedding.
The wedding also coincides the cross-quarter position of the sun, halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This time of year is celebrated in by the Pagan traditions as Beltane. A time of communal gathering and celebration of the beginning of summer, where numerous bonfires signify the sacred fire ritual.

There are other connections which relate the United States and Obama to the Ceres myth and by extension the the Holocaust ritual associated with the date 4/19. Ceres is the mother of Persephone, relating again to the Trinity as Persephone is one aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess. A cursory view on 4/19 can be found here, linking many “holocaust” or “burnt offerings” to real world events, such as the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto burning, Waco, OKC, etc.

On 3/8/2011, Obama had been in office 777 days.

On 4/19/2011, Obama had been in office 819 days.

Earth Day


Earth day, 4/22/2011, was 3510 days from 911. The number 3510 is equivalent to 234 * 15. This period is also equal to 19 * 27 + 111 * 27, or 13.5 Tzolkins. The number 234 is 13 Ix, Cosmic Wizard, and is also the current age of the United States in years. Tzolkin day # 27 is the Tzolkin day of Obama’s Inauguration. George W. Bush began his term 234*16 or 3744 days prior to Earth day, showing that 911 occurred exactly 234 days after Bush took office.

Earth day, 2011 is also 910 days from “Bloody Friday”, 10/24/2008, where stocks worldwide plunged 10%, in the largest one day decline in market history. The number 910 is equivalent to 777*1.171171 or 819*1.111111. Both 911 and “Bloody Friday” occurred on day #199, 4 Cauac, or Self-Existing Storm in the Tzolkin.

111 days after 1/1/2011, making it the 112th day of the year, will be 4/22/2011, which is Earth day, and Good Friday. This day has many symbolic connections to previous and future events, including the fact that it is 171 days after the 2010 elections. Two hundred and thirty four (234) days prior to Earth day in 2011, Obama declared an end to Iraq combat. Whatever can be said about Earth Day/Good Friday 2011, it is also attuned to the cycles of Earth in that it is .1111 Mayan Tun (360) cycles from the 6/1/2011 total solar eclipse.

The harmonic association of significant days in our current era to such themes as presidential assassination nevertheless continues. 4/22/2011 was 40040 days after William McKinley was shot. McKinley was the 3rd U.S. President to be assassinated. This event occurred on day # 69 in the Tzolkin, which is also the Tzolkin day number for Earth Day/Good Friday 4/22/2011. These two days are in fact 154 Tzolkins apart (260*154). 40040 is also 111.2222 Mayan Tun cycles (360*111.2222), or 234*171.111.

The premier of Windows 95 (codename: Chicago) also occurred on Tzolkin day # 69 or 4 Muluc, 22 Tzolkins (22*260) prior to Earth Day, 4/22/2011.

Other Earth day, 4/22/2011 distance number correlations…

  • 4/22/2011 (Earth Day) is 104 days or 13 Kan, Cosmic Seed, from Obama’s 50th birthday. It is also 104 days after the Tucson attack. 104 is also .4444 of 234, 13 Ix, Cosmic Wizard. The date
  • 4/22/2011 also reduces to 4/4/4.
  • Deepwater Horizon occurred 367 days or one Pluto cycle before 4/22/2011.
  • Michael Jackson died 666 days prior to 4/22/2011.
  • Pat Tillman was killed by ‘friendly’ fire 1826 days or five Jupiter cycles minus 13 Muluc, Cosmic Moon (399*5=1995, 1995-169=1826) from 4/22/2011.
  • Stephen Norman was reburied in the “plot for Zionist leaders” on Mt. Herzl, 1234 before Earth day. Grandson of Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, proponent of a Jewish State. Norman was the first Herzl to adopt Zionism officially. Died of suicide in U.S. in post World War II stress over holocaust destruction of family members. The number 1234 is equivalent to 1111*1.1107 or 111*11.1171

Rahm, Mossad, Nazi, Pope, Eclipse, Solstice, Obama, Chicago, etc:

  • On 11/1/2010 (111), Rahm Emmanuel resigned as White House Chief of Staff, exactly 71 days before 1/11/2011 (111).
  • Rahm Emmanuel was elected Mayor of Chicago on 2/22/2011, 113 days after he resigned as White House Chief of Staff, on 11/1/2010. The solar eclipse on 7/11/2010 occurred 113 days before Emmanuel resigned his position.
  • Rahm Emmanuel's resignation on 11/1/2010 was also 2022 days from the election of the current Pope, Benedict XVI on 4/19/2005.
  • Rahm Emmanuel's election on 2/22/2011 was 112 days after the election of the 112th Congress on 11/2/2010.
  • On 12/3/2010 (333), Barack Hussein Obama was 18018 days old. This is was 18 days before the Winter Solstice/Total Lunar Eclipse on 12/21/2010 (333). The number 18018 is also 819 * 22. 18018 is also equivalent to 30.8 synodic cycles of Venus plus 30.8 days (584 * 30.8 + 30.8). Interestingly, the State of Illinois was founded on this day, December 3rd, in the year 1818.
  • On 3/8 in the year 2011, Barack Obama will have been in the office of the President, 777 days.
  • On this day, 1701 days will have passed since the Mumbai Train Bombings on 7/11/2006.
  • President Barack Obama proposed the 2012 U.S. budget on February 14, 2011. It is expected to have a 1.101 trillion dollar deficit.

Taking these facts and the entirety of this article into account, the "accidentalist" philosophy of consensus reality cannot be accepted. To deny the constant recycling of these harmonics as being mere coincidence, is to live in denial of what is self-evident. To decipher and understand the language by which humanity is programmed to react to collective events requires a retention of certain knowledge. This is not entertainment, and if the reader cannot devote the requisite time to understanding the language, they cannot possibly understand what is being communicated here. For them, the world will continue to be full of surprises, and the obvious path that is being laid out, will seem nothing more than another pathway in a winding maze.

The memes by which this "ritual" can be understood are purposefully placed in front of the world in meaningless ways, ad nausem, to deter any interest in taking a closer look. After seeing the 111s and 1111s and the constant repackaging of 2012, few will even be able to stomach an in depth exploration of these harmonics and their actual function, let alone apply their time to learning a new language.

The "truth" community to a great extent, has become nothing more than a fun house. Another layer of bread and circus, where the average worker mindset in the industrial world can only laugh at they very real destruction that is fast catching up to them. By declaring everything as something outside of ourselves, as meaningless, or by declaring that only a "positive attitude" is required in dealing with the metaphysical conditions by which these destructive elements are wrought, is another example of the extreme naivete of the modern day adult, whose consciousness is like that of a child. Consider that the word "truther" transposes to 38. Consider that the word "birther" transposes to 44.


Self preservation becomes the last defense in a society where the culture has become nothing more than an infantile grasp for whatever is placed in front of you. Take the fake money away, and see what is there. Try holding onto the "buddha smile" when drones are targeting your neighborhood and depleted uranium cluster bombs are falling in your backyard. I suspect that the smile and bravado will quickly fade. Likewise, the life of fear, which drives the consensus minded individual in a quest to find material abundance, is unlikely to offer any protection from the extreme levels of ignorance that have become the mainstays of modern existence. Everyone needs to understand this ritual and take the responsibility of awareness, or at the very least understand that human society is ritualized. Perhaps then, we can move away from circular states of denial and their limited explanations to a more inclusive understanding of why "civilization" is not reflecting the truth of the human being, and why the individual is discouraged from understanding the nature of a harmonic reality.

Refer back to the beginning of this article, which highlighted the precision by which our "leaders" are ritualized, in the relationships that occurred around Barack Obama on 10/30/2010. Now lets go back 49 years, to 10/30/1961, in the year of Barack Obama's birth, where the following event occurred:

"Tsar Bomba", a conservatively estimated 50 Megaton nuclear weapon, was detonated by the Soviet Union in what is to date, the world's largest nuclear explosion ever to occur. This event occurred on day # 198, 3 Etznab. Long count # 1853318. The distance in days from this event to 3/8/2011, #24, 11 Kan, is 18026 days. 3/8/2011 was 1 month and 11 days prior to 4/19/2011. The number 18026 is equivalent to the following:

  • 111*162 + 44 days (111=Obama's Tzolkin day/Obama is the 44th U.S. President)
  • 666*27 + 44 days (Obama was inaugurated on day #27)
  • 399*45 + 71 days (399 is the whole number average in days of Jupiter's synodic period)
  • 584*30.8 + 30.8 days (584=Venus synodic average/ 38 = Lucifer)
  • 225*80 + 26 days (225=Venus sidereal average/ 26 = 13 Cimi or 13 Death, a '13' day in the Tzolkin)
  • 360*50 +26 (360=Mayan Tun cycle)
  • 378*47 + 260 days (378=Saturn synodic average, Joe Biden is the 47th U.S. Vice President, 260=Tzolkin)
  • 370*49-104 days (370=Uranus/Obama is 49 years,104 = 13 Kan)

Refer to the extensive literature available on the Long Count Calendar, the Tzolkin, and the Astronomical correlation to the Gregorian Calendar. Study. Learn. Apply. I will continue to add material to the blog, which aids in understanding the actual harmonics of these counts, their history, and their utilization in our present day reality. The Long Count is far more than one date (2012), or the other lame attempts at prophecy which have a similar approach. None of the proponents or deniers of the validity of 2012 seem to have any understanding of the ritual in action or how it relates to nearly all cultures and their religious iconography, ie: the Trinity. Such a broad miss of the relevant picture only highlights the effectiveness of the subjugation of human consciousness and by extension, the human will. If there is any question left about the degradation of our moral standards, brought on by our consent to this ritual, just go to google images and search "depleted uranium", to see the validity of your leaders, your governments, and your so-called "modern" civilization.